Committee structure

Details on the membership and role of each of the Council’s committees can be found by clicking on the links below.


The Executive and Executive Committees

The Executive and its committees are appointed by the Leader to undertake specific executive functions either in a decision-making capacity or to advise the Executive on specific issues before it makes a decision.

Regulatory Committees

The following committees have been appointed by the council to exercise its regulatory functions and those functions which are not carried out by the Executive.

Overview & Scrutiny Commission and Overview and Scrutiny Panels

Overview and Scrutiny Commission scrutinises decisions the executive is planning to take, those it plans to implement, and those that have already been taken/implemented.  The three Overview and Scrutiny Panels carry out in-depth reviews which focus on delivering the Council Plan.  The new structure makes it easier for elected members to get involved in supporting policy development, pre-decision input as well as scrutiny.  Through their work programme, Overview and Scrutiny hold the authority's decision-makers to account.


More information about Overview and Scrutiny at Bracknell Forest can be found at

Statutory Bodies

Advisory Bodies

Other Committees


Executive Member and Officer Decisions pre 1 January 2006

Executive decisions may be made by the Executive, executive committees (see above), executive members or officers. 


All executive decisions made by executive members and key decisions made by officers since 1 January 2006, can be found via the “Decisions” link on the menu to the left.  All executive decisions made by executive members and key decisions taken by officers between 21 November 2001 and 31 December 2005, can be found by clicking on the links below.  In each case, the original notice of the proposed decision, the report on which the decision was made (provided it does not contain exempt information) and the record of decision are available.


If you do not know the date on which a decision was made or by whom it was made, you can use the “Search Council, Government and Democracy” link from the menu on the left to find the decision by searching for the title or particular words.

Quarterly Service Reports

This section provides links to the quarterly service reports (formerly known as performance monitoring reports/quarterly operations reports) which are produced by departments together with the Chief Executive’s quarterly corporate performance overview report.


Choose the year you wish to refer to and then the date on which the quarter ended:


30 June – Quarter 1

30 September – Quarter 2

31 December – Quarter 3

31 March – Quarter 4


Click on the date to open the report.  If the report includes more than one document, you can obtain a complete copy of the document by selecting the “Agenda Reports Pack”.