Committee details

Joint Waste Disposal Board

Purpose of committee

1.         The function of the Committee is to administer the operation of the waste disposal arrangements of the Councils in accordance with the Joint Working Agreement and in accordance with the Principal Contract (as defined in the Joint Working Agreement and in particular Schedule 4 thereto once the delegations detailed in Schedule 4 have been confirmed by the Committee) 

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the Committee will:-

1.1       subject to the said confirmation by the Committee be responsible for the decisions assigned to it in Schedule 4 of the Joint Working Agreement; and

1.2       exercise such powers as all of the Councils may from time to time delegate to the Committee with the agreement of the Committee; and

2.         For the avoidance of doubt, it is agreed that the Committee will not be responsible for making decisions on:

2.1       change to the policies and targets of the Councils

2.2       the determination of the budget of the Councils regarding the Project

3.         The Committee shall not be empowered to acquire land or any interest in land.

4.         The Committee may arrange for work to be carried out directly or on an agency or contract basis by any of the Councils

5.         Where any power exercisable by the Committee or by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman commits or is likely to commit the Councils to expenditure in excess of £100,000 or to result in the aggregate expenditure of the Councils under the Project for the then current financial year exceeding £100,000 then any such decision shall notwithstanding the other provisions of this Constitution be referred to the Councils for the decision to be taken by them.  The figure of £100,000 shall be reviewed by the Councils at five yearly intervals the first such review to take place on the fifth anniversary of the review and in respect of each such review the reference in this clause to £100,000 shall be deemed to have been amended by the substitution therefore of the appropriate reviewed figure.


Contact information

Support officer: Lizzie Rich. 01344 352253

Postal address:
Time Square
Market Street
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Phone: 01344 352253