Committee details

Employment Committee

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference


To consider appeals against dismissal by employees of the Council:


  1. Staffing matters generally are dealt with by officers under the Scheme of Delegation.
  2. A sub-committee will be appointed with power to vary human resource policies for school-based staff following consultation through the approved consultation processes.


Excepting human resources policies, to determine all matters relating to the employment or dismissal of staff which do not fall to be dealt with by officers under the Scheme of Delegation.


To formulate all human resources policies, including the  matters set out below and to make appropriate recommendations to the Council.


·                     Scheme of Remuneration of Employees


·                     Performance Appraisal Policy of Staff


·                     Training Policy, including Management and Staff Development Activities


·                     Conditions of Employment


·                     Employment Related Policies and Procedures


·                     Retirement and Redundancy Schemes


·                     Superannuation and Pensions


·                     Consultation Policy and Procedures in Respect of Industrial Relations


Contact information

Support officer: Jamie Beardsmore. 01344 325000