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Schools Forum

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference of the Schools Forum


·        To agree changes to school funding proposed by the LA where there is a statutory power for the Forum to make the decision. This currently includes changes to the Scheme for Financing Schools; setting the budget level for the School Specific Contingency; agreeing increases to the centrally managed schools budget when such items are proposed to increase by a greater proportion than budgets delegated to schools; abatement of the Minimum Funding Guarantee if the outcome is not considered appropriate, provided no more than 50% of schools are affected.


·        To be consulted upon and make some decisions with regard to the LA’s school funding formula – specifically any changes in relation to the factors and criteria, methods, principles and rules used to calculate schools budgets and the financial effects of any proposed changes;


·        To be consulted annually on specific issues in connection with the Schools Budget:


§                     The arrangements for pupils with special educational needs (SEN);

§                     The arrangements for pupil referral units (PRUs) and EOTAS

§                     Arrangements for early years education

§                     Arrangements for insurance

§                     Revisions to the Scheme for Financing Schools

§                     Arrangements for grants

§                     Arrangements for free school meals


·        To be consulted on service contracts – specifically prior to the invitation to tender for contracts being paid from the schools budget and the value of the contract is more than that within the Public Services Contract regulations.


In addition the Forum will be consulted on any other matters concerning the funding of schools that the LA sees fit.


Contact information

Support officer: Jamie Beardsmore. 01344 352500

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