Council - Wednesday, 22 November 2000 7.30 pm

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Apologies for Absence


To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 26 July 2000.


Mayor's Announcements


Public Participation at Meetings (Standing Order 12)

(i)         To receive a deputation by Mr R Dumelow on behalf of Bracknell and District Friends of the Earth in the following terms:


"I am very concerned about vehicles driven at excessive speed in Bracknell. Speeding traffic reduces the free mobility of pedestrians and cyclists, increases noise and pollution and is a potential danger to all road users.


I support the strict enforcement of speed limits on all of Bracknell's roads. I am also in favour of the widespread establishment of 20mph zones in residential areas and near schools.


Please would you do everything you can to ensure that speed limits are reduced in areas where people live, and that all speed limits are strictly enforced."


(ii)        To receive a Petition by Mrs E Lockyer of Harmans Water expressing the concern of local residents with regard to the future of the RAF Staff College site.


To receive and consider reports, minutes and recommendations of Committees

Planning & Transportation Committee - 25 July 2000

Strategy & Policy Committee - 5 September 2000

Standards Committee - 12 September 2000

Leisure Services Committee - 10 October 2000

Education Committee - 17 October 2000

Public & Environmental Services Committee - 24 October 2000

Planning & Transportation Committee - 26 October 2000

Social Services & Housing Committee - 2 November 2000

Strategy & Policy Committee - 8 November 2000


Question Submitted under Standing Order 11

(i)         Question to Chairman of the Strategy & Policy Committee (Councillor Bettison) by Councillor Beadsley:


"Following the flooding in May, recent storms and floods elsewhere and in the light of warnings that 'global warming' may mean that such events will occur more frequently, what steps are the Council taking to prepare for the next time?"


Reports by Members pdf icon PDF 209 KB

(i)         Health Panel


To receive a report by Councillor Mills (Chairman of the Health Panel) submitted in accordance with Minute 224/99.


Reports by Officers pdf icon PDF 207 KB

(i)         Calculation of Council Tax Base – 2001/2002

Report by Director of Corporate Services attached

Additional documents:


Motions Submitted Under Standing Order 8

(i)         7/200   Submitted by Councillors McCormack and Piasecki


This Council in recognition of the Government's commitment to end poverty amongst the elderly, welcomes the additional income measures for the Borough's more elderly residents outlined by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his pre budget statement.  In doing so, it pledges to use its best endeavours to enable its pensioners to take full advantage of the benefits available.

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