Issue - decisions

SEND Strategy 2023-2025

20/06/2023 - SEND Strategy 2023-2025


i.       the progress made on implementing the SEND written statement of action

to improve services to children and families and the feedback received from the Department for Education and NHS England relating to the end of January 2023 is noted.


ii.     that the Council has secured £1m through the Government’s Delivering

Better Value in SEND programme and in its bid to build a new specialist Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) special school in the Borough, to improve further inclusive, local services for children and young people with SEND is noted.


iii.    the release of £350,000 from the Council’s corporate contingency included in the 2023/24 budget to fund additional short term staffing capacity within the SEND team is approved to ensure momentum is maintained to deliver the

identified service improvements.


iv.    the SEND Strategy 2023 – 2025, that has been developed through close working with professionals, parents, carers and young people is approved to provide a clear direction for the service in the years ahead.