Issue - decisions

Joint Venture Business Plan review

21/03/2023 - Joint Venture Business Plan Review



i.       the progress made by Bracknell Forest Cambium Partnership for the

period December 2021 to December 2022 be noted.


ii.     the annual refresh of the JV Business Plan 2020-2023 for the

Bracknell Forest Cambium Partnership be supported as set out in Annex A and the financial budget and forecast as set out in Confidential Annex B and recommends these to Council for approval.


iii.    the Bracknell Forest Cambium Partnership enters into the Bond and Co-indemnities required to undertake the enabling works related to the

sewer move which is required to prepare the councils owned land at Market

Street for development, noting that there is no flow of liability to from this

arrangement to the Council.


iv.    For future development sites where a similar arrangement is required by a

statutory body, that authority be delegated to the Borough Solicitor to provide such approval on the Council’s behalf.