Issue - decisions

Revenue Budget 2023/24

13/12/2022 - Revenue Budget 2023/24

1          That the draft budget proposals for 2023/24 be approved as the basis for consultation with the Overview & Scrutiny Commission and other interested parties or individuals.


2          That the Treasury Management Strategy and associated documents at Annexe E of the Executive Director: Resources’ report be approved and the Governance and Audit Committee requested to review each of the key elements.


3          That the 2023/24 Schools Budget be set at the eventual level of the Dedicated School Grant income plus any accumulated DSG balances.


4          That the Leader of the Council be authorised to agree the allocation of the sums available for schools funding, having regard to the decisions and recommendations of the Schools Forum and to agree detailed budgets for services centrally managed by the Council.


5          That the Council Tax Base be set at 48,756 (Band D equivalents) for 2023/24 as outlined in Annexe H.


6          That the virements relating to the 2022/23 budget as set out in Annexes F and G be approved and recommends those that are over £0.100m for approval by Council.