Issue - decisions

Bridgewell Supported Living

25/01/2022 - Bridgewell Supported Living

RECOMMENDED to the Executive Member for Adult Services, Health and Housing that they:



1.     Approve funding of £0.095m as detailed in paragraph 5.22 for detailed design fees to take forward a proposal to build a new, bespoke facility with 20 self-contained units on the Bridgewell site to enable people with learning disabilities to live independently in shared accommodation, which is estimated to save around £0.975m in revenue costs over the first 5 years of operation.


2.      Note the specific requirements in paragraphs 5.23 – 5.27 pertaining to the potential grant from Homes England and agree to further explore the Homes England grant requirements for Option B (Council to build and thereafter appoint the providers) or Option C (To appoint a Registered Provider to build and operate) with a view to improving the financial position modelled in the business case attached as Appendix 2.


3.      Approve the timetable set out in paragraph 5.28.