Issue - decisions

Capital Programme 2022/23

14/12/2021 - Capital Programme 2022/23



1          An increase in the 2021/22 budget for the existing Time Square Community Hub capital scheme of £0.140m for improvements to the Council Chamber be supported;


2          A Council funded capital programme of £9.309m for 2022/23 as detailed in paragraph 5.19 and summarised in Annex A of the Executive Director: Resources’ report, including the new schemes listed in Annexes B – C be approved for consultation;


3          The inclusion of £7.037m of expenditure to be externally funded (including £1.113m of S106 funding) as outlined in paragraph 5.20 be approved for consultation;


4          The inclusion of an additional budget of £1m for Invest-to-Save schemes be approved for consultation.