Committee details

Standards Committee

Purpose of committee

(Meetings are usually open to the public)


Terms of Reference


1.       To advise the Council on promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct by the Members and co-opted Members of the Council.


2.       To consider allegations of misconduct against Members of the Council, meaning a breach of the Council’s Code of conduct or of any code or            protocol adopted by the Council, and advise the Governance and Audit Committee as to whether any such allegation should be upheld and           if so what the sanction should be.


3.       a) To assist Members and co-opted Members of the Council to observe the Codes of Conduct.

          b) the adoption and revision of its Codes of Conduct.

          c) the adoption of appropriate protocols governing the ethical standards of the Members and Officers of the Council.


4.       To monitor the operation of the Council’s Codes of Conduct.


5.       To advise, train or arrange to train Members and co-opted Members of the Council on matters relating to their Codes of Conduct.


Contact information

Support officer: Hannah Stevenson. 01344 352308

Postal address:
Democratic Services
Easthampstead House
Town Square
RG12 1AQ