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Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising


The minutes of the last meeting of the Forum held on 11 June 2019 were approved as a correct record.


The action points from the minutes were reviewed and updates noted as follows:


  • The Chair had been provided with a contact at TRL with a view to arranging a visit to the Bucklers Forest SANG.  Members expressed an interest in attending but it was agreed this would be more suitably held on a lighter evening, say late Spring 2020.  It was further suggested that a visit be arranged to the Blue Mountain site, where there was some concern as to the open space that had been created by the developer.

(Action: Chair)


  • Work on the mapping of path furniture was in abeyance while Rose remained on secondment but would be resumed when she returned to Parks and Countryside.

(Action: Rose Wicks – in due course)


  • Although work on the circulation and maintenance of a spreadsheet to hold all suggestions for the creation of new routes and recreational links had not progressed, it was nevertheless requested that a simple programme of suggested routes be drawn up.  This would facilitate suggestions being brought forward for consideration as and when appropriate/practical.  Richard Mosses had four suggestions for routes, two of which were referred to: a pedestrian route alongside Lower Church Road and then directly into Horseshoe Lake SANG and a route for the proposed new SANG in Warfield, (currently the subject of a planning application).

(Action: Graham Pockett)


  • The work carried out by Rose to give greater publicity around new SANGS opening and the public access to them was appreciated.  There was an ongoing need to keep website news items updated and make regular use of social media to reinforce this message.

(Action: Rose Wicks – in due course)


  • David Warren repeated his offer on behalf of the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) about possible assistance with clearing overgrown byways and resurfacing works and agreed to liaise with Rob Solomon about this.

(Action: David Warren and Rob Solomon)


  • Jenny Yung offered to identify a local representative of the British Horse Society with whom David Warren could liaise about local routes and events.

(Action: Jenny Yung and David Warren)


  • Graham Pockett reported that he had been unable to find any reason why the Horseshoe Lake bridleway was not included on the Definitive Map.  Since it was on land owned by the Council there was no danger of the route being lost and its status as a permitted route was assured.  However, it would be possible to make a Creation Agreement in respect of the bridleway.

(Action: Graham Pockett – for future consideration)


  • The suggestion under ‘Routes and Links’ for compiling a series of short, accessible circular routes with no obstacles and accessible surfaces had not progressed.  The Chair agreed to take this forward with other volunteers, building on the suggestion that the routes be graded, such as fully accessible, accessible with assistance etc. so as to be most helpful to potential users.

(Action: Chair with Hugh Fitzwilliams, David Warren, Simon Yates and Jenny Yung)


  • Details of the Nordic Walking programme and the Bracknell Forest Society’s ‘Week of Walks’ had been published on the website, social media, etc. as requested.


  • With reference to Working in Partnership, some dates of neighbouring LCAF meetings were reported later in the agenda.  It was understood that the Slough LCAF was possibly not active at present.  Efforts to revive the regional meeting with the Chairs of LAFs would be renewed with an offer from Bracknell Forest to host the meeting.

(Action: Graham Pockett)


  • Little had changed since the report to the last meeting about the proposals for upgraded facilities at Horseshoe Lake Country Park.  A ‘Pre-App’ had been submitted for consideration by Planning Officers, in advance of the planning application which would be submitted in due course for determination by the Planning Committee.  While there was expected to be some local opposition to the proposals, there was also a lot of support.  The Council’s website contained details of the latest position.


  • Hugh Fitzwilliams had led the site visit to the Frost Folly Park SANG which had been much appreciated by members.


  • The Annual Report had now been drafted and would shortly be circulated for comments.


  • With regard to access from the south to the additional SANG at Wellers Lane, an illustrative plan showing how this could be provided was presented.  It wouldn’t be possible to progress this until all the land was within Council ownership.  The timescale for this was not fixed but it was likely to be a phased transfer of land over time.

(Action: Graham Pockett – at the appropriate time)

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