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Older People's Consultation


Andy Kimber, Joint Commissioning Officer, was present at the meeting to discuss and receive comments on the draft Strategy for Older People in Bracknell Forest 2013-2016.


Partnership members commented on the style and clarity of the document. It was thought that single person households and the constraints on people who were not mobile should be covered more in the document but people were and would continue to be supported to live in their own homes. The intention was to be supportive to all people regardless of whether they were living alone.


It was queried how there would be quality assurance with the proposed changes (on page 7 of the document). This information was national guidance and work undertaken would be based on this. Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB) should be included in the diagram on page 10.


Information included in the document showed examples of good practice and did not list all of the services of the organisations mentioned because it was not practical to do this. The Executive Summary at the beginning of the document encapsulated everything in the document. There were strategic priorities for different areas. Preventative and acute needs were supported and this was mentioned in the document; housing would be appropriate to need with a range of choices depending on the needs and wishes of people.


There would be an action plan to deliver the Strategy and the strategic approach would be to give people options. There was a need to be careful with the wording of the Strategy so as not to include services which the Council were not able to deliver. It was suggested that the partnership logo be included on the front of the document.


It was queried whether methodology and the origin of raw data would be included in the document. The age diagram was the only part of the document based on 2001 census information. There were issues relating to people owning their own homes and many people privately rented properties now. Data on home ownership was current from questions asked of people this year.


It was suggested that methodology be added to show the context of the information in the Strategy, for example, 136 questionnaires were returned out of 1,000 distributed, giving approximately a 13.6% response rate. 10-15% response rate was considered to be a meaningful sample. It was suggested that the wide variation in the needs of older people be included in the document, as older people could range in age from 50-100 years.


It was suggested that some detail about the strategic priorities in the document be added to the Executive Summary, and that the last paragraph of the Executive Summary should be towards the beginning of it. Examples of good practice should be phrased as ‘local support’.


It was queried what the timeline was for the Strategy and it was thought that it would be considered by the Council’s Executive before April 2013. It was suggested that the Strategy be considered by the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Panel before this. The timeline for the Strategy would be investigated further.

(Action: Mira Haynes)


It was suggested that the Strategy be considered further by the Partnership at an additional meeting at the end of January or beginning of February 2013.

(Action: Amanda Roden)


Partnership members should forward any comments on the Strategy to Andy Kimber .

(Action: All)