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Mayor's Announcements


Mayor’s Announcements


The Mayor announced that the money raised for the Mayor's charity this year would be spent on causes within Bracknell Forest. The decision to focus on the local area was a conscious choice, and the Mayor felt proud and happy to be able to support the community in this way.


The Mayor explained that the funds would be distributed to up to five charities, voluntary organisations or community groups who were focused on helping the residents of Bracknell Forest. They were pleased to have found good partners in Berkshire Community Foundation, who helped them to raise funds. The Mayor and their team organised various activities and drives to raise money, and they were grateful for the support they received from fellow councillors, residents and local businesses. The Mayor felt overwhelmed with the response from the community and was delighted to see so many people coming together to support a worthy cause.


The Mayor also mentioned that he attended The Lexicon Awards a couple of weeks ago, celebrating the success of The Lexicon. The Mayor was joined by Chief Executive, Susan Halliwell, and Councillor Mark Brunel-Walker at the event. The Mayor was proud to be associated with The Lexicon, which is considered to be a jewel in the crown of Bracknell Forest, and he felt honoured to be part of such an exciting event.


Good News


Councillor Mrs Hayes, Executive Member for the Environment, announced some good news to the meeting. The Councillor mentioned that Crowthorne Reduce Our Waste community were organising a Repair Cafe to take place the next Saturday at the Baptist Church on Crowthorne High Street. She encouraged attendees to visit and support the community's efforts to reduce waste. The Councillor expressed a desire for more Repair Cafes to open in the area to reduce landfill waste. She also gave notice that she would share success stories about the flats and houses at the next meeting.

Lastly, she invited people to meet the officers who collect electrical goods and clothing at the John Nike Centre, as well as the team that brings food waste out of landfill. She asked everyone to mark their diaries and join her in supporting these initiatives.


Councillor Dr Barnard, Executive Member for Children, Young People and Learning, announced that all schools in Bracknell Forest had achieved a good or outstanding rating in the latest Ofsted report. This achievement was a focus and a key objective of the administration since Conservative candidates pledged in May 1997 to make all schools good schools.


Councillor Dr Barnard highlighted that this achievement was a tremendous one, given that Bracknell Forest has 40 largely independent institutions, including academies and local authority schools, that had signed up to the school improvement and accountability strategy. The strategy was in partnership with the school improvement team at the Borough Council, and it had been delivered successfully.


Councillor Dr Barnard acknowledged that there were huge challenges facing schools, especially after Covid, which has caused unprecedented sickness, illness, and staffing pressures. Despite these challenges, the whole school communities, including school leaders, governors, and staff, had worked collectively and collegiately together to drive up the standards of education in Bracknell Forest.

Dr Barnard emphasised that the good or outstanding rating meant that parents applying for secondary school places in Bracknell Forest were to receive an offer to attend a good or outstanding school. Dr Barnard thanked everyone who contributed to this success, including the former Head of the School Improvement service, Rachel Morgan, and Zoe Livingstone, the current Head of School Improvement.


The Mayor added his thanks to the team at the Council who were going above and beyond to achieve these results.