Agenda and draft minutes

Older People's Partnership - Wednesday, 7 December 2016 10.00 am

Venue: Council Chamber, Fourth Floor, Easthampstead House, Bracknell. View directions

Contact: Lizzie Rich  01344 352253

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The minutes of the meeting on 15 June 2016 were approved as a correct record.


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As Tracey Hedgecox had tendered her apologies, Mira Haynes presented the Planning for Later Life Event Report and partnership members who had attended the event gave their feedback.


The feedback received from the event had been positive. There had been approximately 200 visitors which the Partnership noted as a good turn out, and the busiest time of the day had been the first two hours.


It was reported that a Wishing Well had been provided at the event in which attendees could write their hopes for later life. The Partnership recognised with surprise that wishes for family and home came low down on the percentages of wishes placed in the Wishing Well.


The Partnership noted that 51% of attendees at the event had been 55 to 64 years old, and likely to be newly retired. It was recognised that the needs and desires of this age group were likely to be different to those in the 80 to 90 years old age group.


Partnership members commented that Dr Kittel’s session in particular had been thoroughly enjoyable.


Arising from discussion, the following points were noted:

·         The Partnership was pleased to noted that the outcome of the Wishing Will demonstrated a development of self-reliance and a decrease in services provided by the Council.

·         The Partnership was pleased to note that 90% of attendees felt better prepared for the future as a result of the event, and 77% knew more about the support available to them in Bracknell Forest as a result of the event.

·         The Partnership suggested that for future conferences, a second large room on the ground floor of Bracknell Leisure Centre may help mobility issues as some attendees were unable to go upstairs.


The Partnership thanked Tracey and Age Concern for submitting the report, and for all their hard work to create an excellent day.




Domiciliary Care Procurement


Rifit Hussain-Curtis presented on the Domiciliary Care procurement process.


The Council was moving to a new model, where support at home and in the community for older people and people with long term conditions was delivered with greater focus on an individual’s outcomes, with a significant emphasis on regaining, preserving or achieving an optimal level of independence and promoting community access and integration with health services. This would require providers to partner with the voluntary and community sector to nurture an asset based approach to delivering services.


At the time of the meeting, Bracknell Forest Council had 22 providers of whom 16 were active. The 17 active providers supplied 4,500 hours of support per week to 343 individuals. Support packages ranged from one to 52 hours per week, and five new packaged were requested each week for an average of 10.5 hours of care.


The number of people claiming care from Bracknell Forest Council providers had decreased and stabilised in recent years, however the number of hours of care had increased and was unpredictable. It was suggested that this could be due to the increased need for dementia care which required more hours, or to an increase in ‘sitting’ services. The Partnership requested a more detailed breakdown of the type of care hours requested. (Action: Rifit Hussain-Curtis)


Rifit noted the following current limitation to the domiciliary care providers:

·         A lack of connection to the community and community services

·         The provider’s knowledge on the individual not being used to full potential

·         A low expectation of the domiciliary care workforce

·         Sustainability


Rifit advised that  the specification for the procurement process was in development, and the tender was due to be first advertised in January 2017. An evaluation in February and March 2017 would be followed by the contract award in May 2017. The contract start date was due for August/September 2017 to allow for a handover period.


Mira Haynes advised partnership members of an event held being held at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre on Friday 9 December 2016 to showcase web-based technologies designed to aid independent living. Demonstrations would be held on Rallyround, Choose Care, Solutions4Health and Forestcare with the Bracknell Forest Council ICT department. All partners were invited to this event.


Arising from discussion, the following points were noted:

·         Slough Borough Council were developing work around Building Better Opportunities, which was designed to help people get back into work. However, it was suggested that this work may compliment the upskilling of the domiciliary care workforce.

·         It was suggested that the ‘Matching scheme’ run through the libraries could potentially be partnered with Involve’s Befriending scheme to increase community links.

·         It was reported that Bracknell Forest Homes worked with vulnerable people in their communities, including holding events for lonely individuals and providing supported accommodation to rehabilitate those coming out of hospital.


Partnership members thanked Rifit for her presentation.


Future of Older People's Partnership


Mira Haynes raised a suggestion that the Older People’s Partnership should stop meeting in its current form, due to a lack of regular attendees and a lack of items to discuss on the agenda.


It was agreed that the Partnership was not effective in its current form, although members commented that it would be disappointing to lose the opportunity for discussion or connection. Members noted that the older people’s agenda had been picked up by other partnership boards, such as the Health and Wellbeing Board.


Partners recognised that there may be value in an bi-annual Older People’s Forum, but that the Council could not be the host and support for this. It was suggested that this Forum could be led by the voluntary sector. Mira resolved to meet with Phil Cook in January 2017 to discuss this, and to email the Partnership members with an update where possible. (Action: Mira Haynes/Phil Cook)


Members Updates


Madeline Diver reported that the Citizen’s Advice Consumer group had produced a leaflet on Consumer Rights when buying electrical goods. If any group wished to distribute these leaflets, they were invited to contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.


Madeline also informed the Partnership that research campaigns were ongoing within the Citizen’s Advice Bureau on issues such as private rental agent fees, care for over 65s, gambling, the benefit cap.


Tina Stevenson informed the Partnership that the Citizen’s Advice Bureau was due to close for two weeks over the Christmas period.


Linda Wells reported that Bracknell Forest Homes were undertaking work to develop information on welfare reforms. Partners were asked to distribute this information when available.


Linda advised that 65 new units at the Berkeley Homes site in Warfield were being built for Berkeley Homes, due to be finished by February 2018.


Phil Cook informed the Partnership that Involve had moved to the Magistrates Court next to Bracknell Police Station.


Phil commented that Involve and The Ark were trialling an adult safeguarding tool as developed by Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board.


Phil also notified the Board of the Involve Christmas party on 20 December 2016 from 5 until 7pmat the Capitol Building. All partners were invited.


Phil commented that the Volunteer Passport Scheme had received sufficient funding to pay for a year-long role for a staff member.


Phil also commented that Involve were holding workshops with volunteers and voluntary community groups with funding agencies under the Citizen and Customer Contact transformation project. The aim was to find out more about volunteering and why volunteers choose to volunteer. The dates of these would be communicated to partners when available.


Any Other Business


The Partnership was notified that Janet Berry was retiring. The Partnership thanked her for her hard work. Partners requested an update on the future of the Open Learning Centre, and for this to be shared if appropriate. (Action: Mira Haynes/Rifit Hussain-Curtis)


Future Meetings


No future meetings were planned, and the Partnership awaited a future plan from Mira Haynes and Phil Cook.