Agenda and minutes

Older People's Partnership - Tuesday, 14 September 2010 10.00 am

Venue: Boardroom, BFVA, Amber House, Market Street, Bracknell

Contact: Emma Silverton  01344 352281

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Minutes and Action Points from 15 June 2010 pdf icon PDF 58 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on15 June 2010 were agreed as a correct record.


Health and Social Care Partnership Board Minutes - 7 July 2010

To be tabled.


The Older People’s Partnership received the minutes of the Health and Social Care Partnership Board meeting held on 7 July 2010. It was noted that the HSCPB had held a further meeting on 8 September 2010.


From the minutes of the HSCPB meeting the following matters were noted:


  • Downside Resource Centre had now closed. All those who had used the service had been reassessed and were on support programmes which catered to individual needs.
  • The HSCPB had received a presentation on tackling health inequalities which included wellbeing in children and mortality rates. It was agreed that Dr Angela Snowling would be invited to attend the next meeting of the OPP to provide further information.

(Action: Mira Haynes)


  • The Partnership should monitor ward closures due to the need to make savings. It was agreed that this would be an agenda item at a future meeting of the group.

(Action: Mira Haynes)


The Group were informed that a consultation on the location of next generation care was currently being undertaken and that if services were to be located at Upton Park Hospital or St Mark’s Hospital then investment would be needed which would mean savings elsewhere resulting in a reduction in community services.


Older People's Partnership Draft Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 37 KB


The Partnership received the updated Older People’s Partnership Terms of Reference.


It was noted that it was important to consider whether the OPP had a membership that supported the needs of minority groups and hard to reach groups in Bracknell Forest. It was agreed that BFVA would ensure that Black and Minority Ethnic Groups in the borough would be kept informed of the partnership’s work as members of community found it difficult to attend daytime meetings.


It was agreed that the Chief Officer: Older People and Long Term Conditions for Bracknell Forest Council would feedback any social services issues raised at the OPP.


It was noted that the partnership would review its Terms of Reference on an annual basis.


The Group agreed the Terms of Reference for the Older People’s Partnership subject to amendments to Appendix 1, Membership of the Older People’s Partnership.


It was agreed that a final version of the terms of reference would be circulated to members of the Group.

(Action: Emma Silverton)


Action Plan Update pdf icon PDF 150 KB


The Group received an update from the Chief Officer: Older People and Long Term Conditions for Bracknell Forest Council on the Adding Life to Years Action Plan, which detailed progress on priority actions resulting from the strategy for older people.


The Group agreed that individual posts within organisations who were responsible for specific action in the plan needed to be identified so they could provide a regular update on progress made against targets.


It was agreed that the format of the action plan would be revised and then circulated to allow individuals to provide action updates. The Adding Life to Years Action Plan would then be brought to the next OPP meeting for discussion.

(Action: Mira Haynes)


The OPP agreed that the action plan should be updated every 6 months.


Housing Accommodation and Support Services Strategy pdf icon PDF 39 KB

To follow.

Additional documents:


The Chief Officer: Housing for Bracknell Forest introduced the report which outlined the work undertaken to date, and future work planned, to develop an accommodation and support services strategy for older people.


The aim of the strategy was to identify the quality and type of accommodation older people would seek in Bracknell Forest in the future so as to influence the market response.


A board had been established to steer production of the accommodation and support services strategy for older people. A consultation programme to develop the strategy would be undertaken through a series of questionnaires sent out during early autumn 2010 to accommodation providers, residents and estate agents. It was noted that initial findings from the consultation would be reported to the strategy board in November 2010 with the strategy published in early 2011.


Arising from the subsequent discussion it was suggested that the following mechanisms for distribution of the consultation questionnaire be considered:


  • The Citizen’s Advice Bureau
  • The Look In
  • Upcoming AGMs and Forums of voluntary and community groups in the borough. It was agreed that BFVA could distribute the questionnaires to these groups

(Action: Chris Cowap/ Martin Gilman)


  • Doctors surgeries. It was noted that due to a lack of space it was difficult to provide copies of questionnaires in GP surgeries however a poster giving details of where the questionnaire could be accessed on the BFC website could be effective.
  • The Primary Care Bulletin had been re-established by the PCT and was sent weekly to all GPs and surgery managers in the borough. It was suggested that this would provide a good facility to distribute information about the consultation.

(Action: Gill Mayor)


  • Local libraries
  • Advertising in Town & Country
  • Estate agents
  • Community Services workers
  • A mail shot from private Care agencies operating in the borough
  • BFVA used a service called Survey Monkey which could be used to send the questionnaire out to voluntary groups.


The OPP noted that it would be important to gain the views of those who were just moving into the 50+ category as well as those who were older.


Any Other Business


First Contact


The Fist Contact Leaflet which offered fire safety checks, home safety checks, Carers support and domestic support to resident had been on trial since July 2010.


The scheme had proved very successful with 48 responses received. Of these; 16 referrals were made to TVP, 15 referrals were made to RBFRS, 8 new carers were identified and 10 referrals were made for domestic support. Over half the respondents requested information on what activities were available for older people in the borough.


NHS Easy Read White Paper


An easy read version of the executive summary of the NHS White Paper ‘Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS’ had been produced and was available to download in the publications section of the Department of Health website:


Future Meetings

Future meetings of the Older People’s Partnership:


  • Tuesday 14 December, 10am, Council Chamber, Easthampstead House
  • Tuesday 15 March 2011, 10am Boardroom, Amber House
  • Tuesday 14 June 2011, 10am Council Chamber, Easthampstead House
  • Tuesday 13 September 2011, 10am Boardroom, Amber House


The next meeting of the Older People’s Partnership would be held on Tuesday 14 December 2010 at 10am in the Council Chamber, Easthampstead house, Bracknell.


Future meetings


Tuesday 15 March 2011

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Tuesday 13 December 2011