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Older People's Partnership - Tuesday, 14 December 2010 10.00 am

Venue: Council Chamber, Fourth Floor, Easthampstead House, Bracknell. View directions

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Minutes and Action Points from 14 September 2010 pdf icon PDF 52 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 14 September 2010 were agreed as a correct record.


Accommodation and Support Services Strategy Consultation


It was reported that a reasonable response had been received to the Accommodation and Support Services Strategy however members of the OPP were encouraged to make partners aware of, and encourage them to respond to, the consultation before it closed during the first week in January.

(Action: All)


Health and Social Care Partnership Board Minutes from 14 September 2010

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The Director for Adult Social Care and Health presented the minutes of the Health and Social Care Partnership Board meeting held on 1 December 2010. Items on the agenda had included an update on the Preventing Crisis, Providing Support Programme, an Executive Summary of the JSNA, an update on Liberating the NHS and the Dementia Advisor Progress Report.


What's New in Adult Social Care

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The Director for Adult Social Care and Health updated the Partnership on current developments in adult social care and health. 


The Partnership noted that:


  • Since the ‘Liberating the NHS’ White Paper there had been a further four papers published by the Government.
  • The Government had produced a Carers Strategy which would be a very important document for Bracknell Forest with funding being provided to PCTs for implementation.
  • The new NHS operating plan was due out on 15 December 2010.
  • New money from Government would be available for re-enablement. An increased focus on re-enablement would be planned with the PCT.
  • There would be a new requirement which meant that hospitals would incur a fine if discharged patients were readmitted with in a 28 day period.
  • The Public Health White Paper set out the establishment of a new organisation Public Health England.
  • The Director was working with local authorities across Berkshire to scope out options for the public heath function when it moved to local authorities.
  • Adult Social Care had received its performance judgement from the Care Quality Commission and of 7 areas rated; 3 were found to be excellent with 4 performing well. Bracknell Forest was awarded an overall rating of performing well with no local authorities in the South East rated as excellent.


Older People's Partnership Action Plan pdf icon PDF 165 KB

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The OPP received the updated Adding Life to Years Action Plan which gave details of progress made against priority actions resulting from the Strategy.


It was noted that the income stream section needed to be included in the action plan, as well as 3 actions which were missing from the participation priority action.

(Action: Mira Hayes)


Arising from the Partnership’s discussion about the updated plan the following points were noted:


  • The relevant key partners section of the ‘Whole Community Events’ priority action on page 6 should be expanded to include other key partners such as faith groups, the Minorities Alliance and BFH Sheltered Housing.
  • The free swimming scheme listed on page 11 of the action plan should be removed as the scheme had now ended.
  • The Community Engagement and Equalities Team should be removed from page 11 of the plan where it stated that they should provide community centre equipment such as mat bowls as this was no longer the case.


It was agreed that the Chief Officer for Older People and Long Term Conditions who managed the strategy would adjust the action plan to take in to account the points raised and circulate to the OPP.

(Action: Mira Hayes)


It was noted that some of the actions included in the plan had now been completed or were ongoing for the foreseeable future. It was suggested that action which had had been completed needed to be captured and made clear from those actions which still required work. It was suggested that completed actions could be removed from the action plan and placed on a table below the ‘active’ action plan.


The OPP agreed that due to uncertainties and anticipated changes in the sector any actions classified as ongoing should remain in the ‘active’ action plan to ensure they could be monitored or removed if they were no longer viable.


It was agreed that the Adding Years to Life Action Plan should be reviewed by a working group from the OPP in March 2011 to capture what had been achieved in the past year and what the key actions were for the coming year as well as to review the format of the current action plan. It was agreed that the plan should be flexible as new developments could often occur unexpectedly. Including new actions in the plan such as the work being undertaken by DisabledGo should be discussed as part of the review in March 2011.

(Action: Mira Hayes)


Health Inequalities pdf icon PDF 66 KB

To receive a presentation from Naheed Rana, NHS Berkshire East on Health Inequalities in Bracknell Forest.


Dr Naheed Rana, Public Health Information Lead for NHS Berkshire East gave a presentation on Health and Wellbeing Priorities for Bracknell Forest from the 2010 Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) which gave details of the Marmot Themes and Life Course, population, priorities by life stage and prioritisation criteria for quality, innovation, productivity and prevention plans.


The emphasis of the Marmot Review was early intervention with six themes on which the JSNA had been based. Bracknell Forest population statistics had been used to plan for services and estimate service requirements. Life expectancy statistics had shown a gap in the average life expectancy between those living in the least deprived areas of the borough and those living in the most deprived areas.


The emphasis on early intervention meant that improvements were planned for the delivery of adult screening programme and work would focus on action to tackle long term and significant conditions causing mortality. Ill prevention priorities for Bracknell Forest would include reducing admissions to A&E, diabetes, implementation of a bone health strategy, musculoskeletal care pathway and tackling obesity and physical activity levels in older adults.


Bracknell Forest had been identified as being higher than the England average for a number of mortality outcomes. It was noted that this was not statistically significant however should be monitored. 


It was suggested that poverty and housing issues were important to health and wellbeing and should be incorporated in the JSNA as concerns had been raised from residents over the effects of the cut in housing benefits. The JSNA represented a ‘snapshot’ in time so did not currently incorporate any statistics relating to the reduction in housing benefit and its impacts as it had not yet come in to effect. The JSNA was refreshed on an annual basis so any statistics could be incorporated in 2011.


A Berkshire East JSNA had been developed as well as three JSNAs which focused locally on the local authorities. Once finalised the JSNA would be available on the NHS Berkshire East and Bracknell Forest Council websites in January 2011.


It was agreed that an Executive Summary of the JSNA would be circulated so priorities could be incorporated in the Housing Accommodation and Support Services Strategy.

(Action: Naheed Rand/ Simon Hendey)


The OPP thanked Dr Rana for her presentation on Health Inequalities in Bracknell Forest.


Holiday at Home Event pdf icon PDF 2 MB

To receive a presentation from Simon Lace of Easthampstead Baptist Church on the Holiday at Home event.


Simon Lace from Easthampstead Baptist Church gave a presentation on the Holiday at Home Event organised by the church over the summer of 2010. In March 2010 EBC undertook an Older Persons’ Survey to find out what activities older people connected to the church would like to have access to. Around 60 people responded to the survey the results of which showed the activities most wanted were:


  1. sing-alongs
  2. seaside trips
  3. quizzes
  4. theatre trips
  5. bingo


As a result of the survey EBC constructed a week long summer event which would try to include as many of the top ten events as possible. The ‘Holiday at Home’ event was developed so that individuals could attend for just one day or could be at the event for as many days as they wished. It was decided that the theme of the week would be a world cruise so that different ports could be used to theme each day. With the exception of a day trip to Eastbourne all activities were held within Bracknell Forest.


On average around 50 people attended the event each day. EBC received very positive feedback from those who participated. A result of positive feedback a further event would be held at the end of December. The 3 day ‘Turkey and Tinsel’ event was open to all older people and would follow a similar format to the summer event with a theatre trip to the pantomime at South Hill Park.


The event was free to attend however there was a suggest donation for those who were able to, or chose to donate. EBC did not quite cover the cost of the event with £300 being covered by church funds. The Turkey and Tinsel event would be funded in the same way as the summer event, however the cost of theatre tickets for the pantomime trip would need to met by individuals attending. The church were happy to discuss the cost with anyone who had concerns about not being able to meet the cost.


The OPP thanked Simon for his presentation and commended the good work undertaken by Easthampstead Baptist Church for Older People in the Borough.


Current Developments


NHS Berkshire East


The 2010 JSNA was due to be published in January 2011. NHS BE were still waiting for clarification on the final areas of the Public Health White Paper which set out details of the new health organisation Public Health England.


Housing Benefits


Changes to Housing Benefits would not come in to effect until April 2011 with a nine month grace period. Central Government had published a White Paper on Social Housing Reform.


Citizens Advice Bureau


Concerns had been raised by residents at the Citizens’ Advice Bureau about the withdrawal of benefits. Members were encouraged to advise residents with concerns to visit the CAB to work through the benefits process and any changes to their allowances.


Bracknell Forest Links


The Bracknell Forest Links network was now operating under Bracknell Forest Council.


Local Crime Reduction


It was reported that crime reduction would no longer be managed by local policing. There would be no change in frontline policing however, John Oblein would no longer be attending the OPP as there would be no local contact for crime reduction. The Partnership thanked John for his work and participation in the OPP.


Benefit Changes


Two national pilots for the reassessment of incapacity benefit were currently being undertaken. Reassessment would begin from March 2011 and would take 3 years. It was expected that 77% of people claiming incapacity benefit would be entitled to support allowance and that the remaining claimants would be found fit for work.


The first claims for universal credit, which was to simplify means tested benefit, would take place from 2013.


Get Britain Working


A new initiative entitled ‘Get Britain Working’ would incorporate a number of funds and was to encourage local communities to support people back in to work. It was suggested this could involve older people mentoring local people to help them gain the skills and knowledge they needed for employment.


EBC Event


An event for people who had been isolated from society was to be held at Easthampstead Baptist Church with support from the Chamber of Commerce. Boehringer Ingelheim had set up a present tree for older people in the community which would be distributed through a tea dance.


Items for Future Meetings

Items for Future Meetings


  • Ward Closures update





The next meeting of the Older People’s Partnership was to be held on Tuesday 15 March 2011, 10am, Boardroom, BFVA.


Items for Future Meetings:


  • Ward Closures update