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Job Evaluation

Meeting: 26/01/2010 - Education Employment Sub Committee (Item 8)

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To receive a report from the Chief Officer: Human Resources on improving the Council’s job evaluation scheme



The Chief Officer: Human Resources introduced the item, explaining that it had already been discussed at non-school committees and was now being brought to this sub-committee because of its impact on non-teaching schools-based staff. He drew the sub-committee’s attention to paragraph 5 of the circulated report, indicating that this was the only variation from the standard report on job evaluation which had been circulated. For school-based non-teaching staff there was a separate national statutory negotiating body which might in the future create country-wide pay scales for these staff. However, until these scales were brought in, the Council needed to make arrangements to equality proof the pay structure for this group of employees.


Headteachers and Chairs of Governors had already been briefed, and shortly school bursars would also be briefed. Three schools had volunteered to take part in a pilot study for the job evaluation exercise, and this would begin in the following week.


The sub-committee RESOLVED to note the report.