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Part Refurbishment of Bracknell Leisure Centre

Meeting: 20/06/2023 - Executive (Item 9)

Part Refurbishment of Bracknell Leisure Centre

Executive approval for investment into various areas of Bracknell Leisure Centre in order to improve the customer experience


RESOLVED that the Executive:


i.       Supports additional investment in the Bracknell Leisure Centre based on Option 2 described in paragraph 5.5 that will secure significant enhancements to the facility to benefit users in addition to meeting the invest to save threshold through an increased management fee payment for the Council, and to enable this.


ii.     Agrees to release section 106 funding allocated to the provision of built sports and recreation


RECOMENDED to Council to approve a Supplementary Capital Approval with the associated borrowing costs already accounted for within the Option 2 figures detailed in recommendation 2.1.