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Market Street Settled Site Development Plan

Meeting: 15/11/2022 - Executive (Item 60)

60 Market Street Settled Site Development Plan

To approve the settled site development plan for Market Street.

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RESOLVED that the Executive:


       i.         Approves the adoption of the Settled Site Development Plan for Market Street

proposed by the Bracknell Forest Cambium Partnership, noting the amended proposal requires further Planning consent that has still to be considered due to the proposed change in tenure and increased number of affordable homes.


     ii.         Approves spend of up to £0.500m to a nominated Registered Provider from the Council’s s106 affordable housing commuted fund, to support the development of an additional 52 affordable rented homes, increasing the proportion of affordable homes in the Market Street development to 56%.


RECOMENDS that Council approves an equal share of funding needed to undertake this development up to a peak requirement of £12.5m and land drawdown when conditions have been met.