Executive post

Executive Member for Culture, Corporate Services and Public Protection


The Executive Member for Culture, Corporate Services and Public Protection is responsible for the following functions, to the extent that they comprise Executive Functions:


1          Overall performance and effective operation of the Corporate Services Department (Democratic and Registration Services, Information and Communications Technology, Legal Services, Customer Services and Community Centres.)


2          The development and introduction of Information and Communications Technology and its use.


3          The Council’s powers under Sections 29 and 38 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976.


4          The Council’s powers under Section 2 of the Local Government Act 2000 [the promotion of well-being.]


5          The provision, maintenance and development of leisure services and facilities – all the borough’s major built leisure facilities plus sports development.


6          Management and promotion of rights of way and recreational routes for the Borough.


7          Nature and Heritage Conservation – the conservation of the borough’s heritage and its appropriate promotion.


8          Biodiversity – the conservation and enhancement of the borough’s natural habitat and species.


.9         Tourism information, initiatives and services.


10        Recreational Parks, Open Spaces and Countryside – management of land intended to be used for recreational and leisure purposes.


11        Tree management – the provision of tree advice and support services to land managers.


12        Measures to promote the health of Borough residents – including, but not limited to, keep fit, GP referrals and encouraging walking.


13        Arts and Cultural Activities – support South Hill Park.


14        The corporate public relations, marketing and communications function.


15        The Coroner’s Service, Cemeteries and the Crematorium.


16        Overall performance of the Environment, Culture and Communities Department relating to those parts for which the Executive Member is responsible.


17        Emergency Planning.


18        The formulation and implementation of the Safer Communities Strategy.


19        Liaison with the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service.


20        Liaison with the Thames Valley Police.


21        CCTV systems in public places.


22        Liaison with the Town and Parish Councils in the Borough.


23        Environmental standards including:-

·                     Food and safety control

·                     Control and monitoring of pollution and statutory nuisances

·                     Infectious disease and pest control


24        Trading standards including:-

·                     Weights and measures.

·                     Fair trading.

·                     Trade description.

·                     Consumer credit and safety.

·                     Consumer complaints.


25        Health and Safety including:-

·                     Health, safety and welfare of people at, or affected by, work.

·                     Promotion of health education and home safety.


26        Removal and disposal of abandoned vehicles.


27        Any functions under any licensing legislation which are Executive Functions and which do not fall within the remit of any other Executive Member.


28        The Library and Information Services.