Executive post

Executive Member for Council Strategy and Community Cohesion


The Executive Member for Council Strategy and Community Cohesion is responsible for the following functions, to the extent that they comprise Executive Functions:


1.    Making arrangements for the formulation of proposals for the annual Revenue and Capital Budgets and of proposals for the level of Council Tax.


2.    The powers and duties of the Council for the collection of local taxes.


3.    The co-ordination of annual service planning, review and performance monitoring.


4.    Matters relating to the Local Government Association and regional groupings.


5.    The appointment of Members to Committees of the Executive, including, where the Executive Member for Council Strategy considers it appropriate, the appointment of the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of those Committees.


6.    The determination of the Terms of Reference of the Committees of the Executive.


7.    The appointment of Members to external bodies, whose functions are the sole responsibility of Bracknell Forest’s Executive.


8.    To act as Chairman of meetings of the Executive.


9.    The formulation and implementation of the Community Cohesion Strategy.


10.  The Council’s arrangements for community engagement particularly in relation to young people, vulnerable adults, black and minority ethnic groups and “hard to reach” groups.


11.  The Council’s arrangements to meet the requirements of Equalities legislation.


12.  To represent the Council on, and to liaise with, external organisations delivering services directly impacting on or related to the portfolio for which the Executive Member is responsible.