Borough Council Elections - Thursday, 3 May 2007

Election summary for Wards
Wards Elected candidates Elected party or parties
Ascot Dorothy Andrea Susan Hayes Conservative
Tony Virgo Conservative
Binfield with Warfield John Bruce Harrison Conservative
Ian William Leake Conservative
Brenda Dorothy Wilson Conservative
Bullbrook Anne Fleming Conservative
Iain Alexander McCracken Conservative
Central Sandhurst Michael Richard Brossard Conservative
Alan Frederick Ward Conservative
College Town Andy Blatchford Conservative
Robert Cecil Edger Conservative
Crown Wood Marc Brunel-Walker Conservative
Colin Reginald Dudley Conservative
Robert Charles Osborne Conservative
Crowthorne James George Finnie Conservative
Bob Wade Conservative
Great Hollands North Scott Andrew Burrows Conservative
Anne Shillcock Labour
Great Hollands South Jan Angell Conservative
Jennie McCracken Conservative
Hanworth Chas Baily Conservative
Gill Birch Conservative
Alan Sydney Browne Conservative
Harmans Water Trevor Graham Kensall Conservative
Shelagh Rosemary Pile Conservative
Christopher Richard Martin Turrell Conservative
Little Sandhurst and Wellington Paul David Bettison Conservative
Dale Philip Birch Conservative
Old Bracknell Mike Beadsley Labour
Maureen Beadsley Labour
Owlsmoor Raymond Simonds Conservative
David James Worrall Conservative
Priestwood and Garth Alvin Edwin Finch Conservative
Tony Packham Conservative
Jacqui Ryder Conservative
Warfield Harvest Ride Gareth Michael Barnard Conservative
Robert Lauchlan McLean Conservative
Cliff Thompson Conservative
Wildridings & Central Emma Catherine Duncan Barnard Conservative
Denise Frances Whitbread Conservative
Winkfield & Cranbourne Mary Patricia Ballin Conservative
Alan Harold Kendall Conservative