Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
School Admission Arrangements 2023-2418/01/2022For Determination28/02/2022
Extension of Joint Emergency Planning Unit Shared Service Agreement14/01/2022For Determination15/03/2022
Adoption of Nominations for the Local Listing of Buildings and Structures of Local Architectural or Historic Interest within the Parish of Winkfield12/01/2022For Determination09/02/2022
Bracknell Town Centre Regeneration Committee Update Report10/01/2022For Determination31/01/2022
Domestic Abuse Refuge and Outreach Services 2022 - Strategic Procurement Plan06/01/2022For Determination15/03/2022
Short Breaks Services Procurement Plan22/12/2021For Determination08/02/2022
Award Decision for Short Breaks Play and Leisure Scheme 202222/12/2021For Determination23/05/2022
Highways and Transport Capital Programme 2022/2322/12/2021For Determination15/03/2022
Bus Operator Enhanced Partnership22/12/2021For Determination15/03/2022
Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan22/12/2021For Determination15/03/2022
Bridgewell Supported Living20/12/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Service Contract14/12/2021For Determination15/03/2022
Temporary Accommodation Housing Compliance, Void and Reactive Maintenance Contract13/12/2021For Determination25/01/2022
The Central and Eastern Berkshire Joint Minerals and Waste Plan (Submission version) – consultation on Main Modifications09/12/2021For Determination08/02/2022
Temporary Accommodation Placement Policy to Meet Housing Need09/12/2021For Determination06/01/2022
Verge Maintenance to Reduce the Impact of Climate Change and Enhance the Borough’s Natural Biodiversity26/11/2021For Determination04/02/2022
Overview and Scrutiny Review of Mental Health26/11/2021For Determination26/04/2022
Publication of the decision statement and the submission of the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan to a referendum18/11/2021For Determination15/02/2022
Annual Equality Reporting 2020-2118/11/2021For Determination24/02/2022
School Places Plan and Capacity Strategy05/11/2021For Determination15/03/2022
Budget Proposals for the 2022-23 High Needs Block Element of the Schools Budget05/11/2021For Determination22/03/2022
Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy05/11/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Budget Proposals for the 2022-23 Schools and Early Years Block05/11/2021For Determination18/01/2022
Consultation on the Results of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy18/10/2021For Determination15/03/2022
Review of Joint Venture Initial Business Plan 2020-202307/10/2021For Determination08/02/2022
Education Case Management System SaaS Contract Award05/10/2021For Determination02/11/2021
Review of the Contaminated Land Strategies24/09/2021For Determination15/03/2022
Capital Programme 2022/2324/08/2021For Determination08/02/2022
Corporate Cleaning Contract Award20/08/2021For Determination31/03/2022
Revenue Budget 2022/2309/07/2021For Determination08/02/2022
Options for Replacement of existing Multi-storey Car Park Payment Machines09/06/2021For Determination15/03/2022
Education Case Management System SaaS Solution Procurement03/06/2021For Determination06/10/2021
Migration of Warfield CE Primary School02/02/2021Item Deferred18/03/2021
Engineering Inspection and Insurance Contract Remarketing14/01/2021For Determination16/03/2021
Coopers Hill - Settled Site Development Plan05/01/2021For Determination15/03/2022
Climate Change Action Plan Update10/09/2020For Determination13/01/2021
Overview and Scrutiny Review - Healthy Eating, Activity and Exercise13/03/2020For Determination21/06/2022
Water - Procurement06/01/2020Item Deferred10/03/2020
Smart Connect: Future Direction02/11/2018Item Deferred12/11/2019
London Road (Strongs Heath) Landfill Site - Part Disposal06/05/2016Item Deferred19/07/2016
Secondary School Expansion and Leisure Provision on School Sites07/09/2015Item Deferred20/10/2015
Procurement Plan for the Town Centre Pocket Park03/10/2014Item Deferred27/01/2015
Strategic Risk Register02/09/2013Item Deferred07/01/2014
Procurement Plan for Building Maintenance and Repair11/07/2013Item DeferredNot before 30/08/2013
Bracknell Town Centre Development Agreement24/12/2012Item DeferredNot before 01/01/2015
Community Transport11/02/2013Item DeferredNot before 07/01/2013