Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
SEND Written Statement of Action23/05/2023For Determination19/09/2023
Strategic Procurement Plan Opladen Way Development12/05/2023For Determination20/06/2023
Quarter Two Council Plan Overview Report12/05/2023For Determination23/01/2024
Quarter One Council Plan Overview Report12/05/2023For Determination19/09/2023
Depot - Surplus land12/05/2023For Determination19/09/2023
All Age Integrated Carers Strategy 2023-202803/05/2023For Determination18/07/2023
Biodiversity Net Gain Supplementary Planning Document02/05/2023For Determination18/07/2023
Supported Living - Strategic Procurement Plan27/04/2023For Determination18/07/2023
Introduction and removal of disabled parking bays - various roads in Crown Wood, Great Hollands North and South, Little Sandhurst and Wellington, Old Bracknell, Priestwood and Garth and Wildridings Central26/04/2023For Determination12/06/2023
Upgrading Fernbank Road playground facilities in Winkfield18/04/2023For Determination05/06/2023
Provision of a new outdoor Trim Trail at The Elms Park in Bracknell18/04/2023For Determination05/06/2023
Improvements to the outdoor ball court at Jock’s Lane Recreation Ground18/04/2023For Determination05/06/2023
Feasibility Study Report on Installation of Air Conditioning at Waymead STC & Day Services and Request for an In-Year budget to fund the Project.14/04/2023For Determination20/06/2023
Annual Climate Change Progress Report06/04/2023For Determination19/07/2023
Capital Expenditure Outturn 2022/2303/04/2023For Determination18/07/2023
Revenue Expenditure Outturn 2022/2328/03/2023For Determination18/07/2023
Bracknell Town Centre Regeneration Committee Update Report20/03/2023For Determination10/07/2023
Commercial Property Investment Portfolio01/02/2023For Determination18/07/2023
Part Refurbishment of Bracknell Leisure Centre27/01/2023For Determination12/07/2023
Quarter four Council Plan Overview Report25/01/2023For Determination20/06/2023
Joint Venture Programme13/01/2023For Determination06/11/2023
Joint Venture Programme13/01/2023For Determination11/09/2023
Joint Venture Programme13/01/2023For Determination10/07/2023
SEND Strategy 2023-202513/01/2023For Determination20/06/2023
SEND Written Statement of Action28/10/2022For Determination20/06/2023
Award Decision for Youth Counselling10/05/2022For Determination31/10/2023