Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Post-16 Semi-Independent Framework Extension and Approval of the SPP for 202323/06/2022For Determination20/09/2022
Cleaning and Greening the Borough – Proposed Programme of Work22/06/2022For Determination21/07/2022
Contract award - Specialist Printing for Electoral Services22/06/2022For Determination02/08/2022
Berkshire Community Equipment Service - Section 75 Agreement21/06/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Publication of the submission version of the Winkfield Neighbourhood Plan and appointment of an independent Examiner to undertake the examination of the Winkfield Neighbourhood Plan21/06/2022For Determination29/07/2022
New Model of Fostering Allowances and Support17/06/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Introduction of Parking Restrictions - Brants Bridge, Broad Lane, Martins Lane & Sycamore Rise, Bullbrook10/06/2022For Determination29/07/2022
Revenue Budget 2023/2407/06/2022For Determination07/02/2023
Revenue Budget 2023/2407/06/2022For Determination13/12/2022
Corporate Business Change Programme27/05/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Domestic Abuse Refuge and Outreach Services 2022 - Award Decision23/05/2022For Determination28/06/2022
Bracknell Town Centre Regeneration Committee Update Report16/05/2022For Determination11/07/2022
Contract award - Drupal (website) support and development12/05/2022For Determination10/06/2022
Award Decision for Youth Services10/05/2022For Determination20/09/2022
Award Decision for Youth Counselling10/05/2022For Determination20/09/2022
Approval of the Strategic Procurement Plan for Youth Services10/05/2022For Determination07/06/2022
Approval of the Strategic Procurement Plan for Youth Counselling10/05/2022For Determination07/06/2022
Relocation of Central Library Options Appraisal29/04/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Council Plan Overview Report27/04/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Capital Expenditure Outturn 2021/2205/04/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Revenue Expenditure Outturn 2021/2210/02/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Joint Venture Programme10/02/2022For Determination20/03/2023
Joint Venture Programme10/02/2022For Determination30/01/2023
Joint Venture Programme10/02/2022For Determination07/11/2022
Joint Venture Programme10/02/2022For Determination12/09/2022
Joint Venture Programme10/02/2022For Determination11/07/2022
Overview and Scrutiny Review of Integrated Enforcement02/02/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Overview and Scrutiny Review of Special Educational Needs & Disabilities31/01/2022For Determination20/09/2022
Award Decision for Short Breaks Play and Leisure Scheme 202222/12/2021For Determination28/06/2022
Publication of the decision statement and the submission of the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan to a referendum18/11/2021For Determination28/07/2022
Review of the Contaminated Land Strategies24/09/2021For Determination18/10/2022
Corporate Cleaning Contract Award20/08/2021For Determination12/07/2022
Coopers Hill - Settled Site Development Plan05/01/2021For Determination07/07/2022