Issue - decisions

Heathlands Redevelopment

24/09/2019 - Heathlands Redevelopment

      i)        That the award of a contract for the pre-construction services for the Heathlands redevelopment be approved to Tenderer A which is within the budget approved by the Executive in March 2019


     ii)        That the Council continues to work in partnership with the East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust to confirm provider arrangements through continued discussions to agree and formalise partnership arrangements to operate the EMI nursing care beds.


   iii)        That a flexible approach should be taken to the management of void beds in the first 2 years of operation of a new Heathlands facility, including permitting alternative Health and social care uses of one or more wings in the building so long as these would not conflict with its prime on-going purposes of providing nursing care for residents with EMI needs and intermediate care services.


   iv)        That a further report be presented setting out detailed partnership arrangements that consider and allocate risk and reward appropriately between the various parties prior to approving the main works contract.