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National Drug Strategy – From Harm to Hope

29/09/2022 - National Drug Strategy – From Harm to Hope

1          That the geographical footprint of the Combatting Drugs Partnership be based on a Berkshire East Partnership due to the co-terminosity with the Integrated Care Partnership and Public Health functions.


2          That the appointment of Stuart Lines as the Senior Responsible Officer who will represent the Combatting Drugs Partnership and account for local delivery and performance to central government be endorsed.


3          That a temporary partnership post be developed to support the establishment of the Berkshire East Combatting Drugs Partnership, the development of the terms of reference, undertake a needs assessment for Berkshire East and develop a strategy on how the partnership will deliver against the priorities in the national drug strategy


4          That a Local Drug Strategy Delivery Partnership be established to oversee the delivery of the local drug strategy and report on progress to the Berkshire East Combatting Drugs Partnership.


5          That the Leader be requested to appoint the member representative to the Combatting Drugs Partnership.