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Request from Taxi Trade to Review Hackney Carriage Tariffs

24/05/2022 - Request from Taxi Trade to Review Hackney Carriage Tariffs

       i.         the existing tariffs which have been in place since 01 August 2021 are noted.


     ii.         That the business case put forward by the trade is considered.


    iii.         That if statutory consultation should be undertaken on revisions to the table

of fares for hackney carriage tariffs based on the proposals set out in Appendix D to the report.


    iv.         the consultation will run from the 01 June 2022 to the 15 June 2022.


     v.         that a public notice (as set out in Appendix E) will be placed in the Bracknell

      News on the 01 June 2022.


    vi.         that the consultation will be promoted on both the Bracknell Forest Council

and the Public Protection Partnership’s website and a note will be displayed at the Time Square Offices by the 01 June 2022.


   vii.         a copy of the notice should be emailed individually to all Bracknell licensed Hackney Carriage Proprietors for their comments.


 viii.         that the Licensing and Safety Committee will, at the 23 June 2022 meeting, be asked to note any responses received during the period of consultation.


    ix.         that if objections are received and not withdrawn the Executive at its meeting

on the 19 July 2022 will consider the business case alongside any objections and determine whether the proposed varied table of fares, with or without modification, will come in to operation and the revised implementation date.


     x.         that if no objections are received, or if the objections are withdrawn, the

proposed table of fares, as set out in Appendix D, will come into effect on the 16 June 2022.