Committee details

Economic and Skills Development Partnership

Purpose of committee

Purpose and Principles:


1          Purpose:


(i)                  To sustain and promote Bracknell Forest’s thriving economy.

(ii)                To promote skills and availability of local people to fill local jobs as a key element of sustaining the local economy.


2          Terms of reference:


(i)                  Create and sustain a vision for economic well-being and skills development for all living and working in Bracknell Forest.

(ii)                Lead the economic development, enterprise, and skills elements of the Local Area Agreement

(iii)               Address the Regional Economic Strategy in Bracknell Forest, including the principles of “smart growth”

(iv)              Ensure that local economic developments benefit local people

(v)                Develop a dialogue with business and educational and skills learning providers around common interests to make Bracknell Forest a better place in which to do business

(vi)              Maximise the number of local people in local employment

(vii)             Ensure that the benefits of regeneration are enjoyed by existing and new residents.

(viii)           Provide the spatial context (physical, social, environmental, economic) for existing businesses to remain in the borough, and for new start up businesses to be encouraged.


3          Key roles:


(i)                  Stimulate leadership and consensus over economic and skills issues in Bracknell Forest

(ii)                Engaging with the local economy and businesses to remove barriers to success where possible

(iii)               The key forum for economic and skills issues arising from national, regional and local plans/initiatives

(iv)              Implement and monitor local economic and skills development plans

(v)                Identify sources of funding that would help achieve local plans

(vi)              Research activity or action needed to underpin the long term economic success of the Borough

(vii)             Address the changing sub-regional economic development agenda

(viii)           Actively work with surrounding areas to sustain the local and Thames Valley economy, including liaison with the Berkshire Economic Strategy Board.

(ix)              Lead the production of a local economic assessment

(x)                Acknowledge and support the Council’s future skills commissioning role for training and skills promotion following the dissolution of the Learning and Skills Council.


Contact information

Support officer: Derek Morgan. 01344 352044