Agenda item

Flu Report 2018/19

Annie Yau-Karim, Public Health


Annie Yau-Karim and Jo Jefferies presented the annual Flu Report 2018/19.


Public Health had worked across Berkshire with colleagues in both East and West Berkshire CCGs to promote flu vaccinations and prevent flu outbreaks. A multi-agency workshop was held each May to review update in the previous flu season and assess where improvements could be made.


The review workshop in 2019 had raised a number of actions for the Local Authority and CCG around promotion on websites and social media, along with internal staff news. A new protocol for home educated children had been established. Social care provider forums had been attended to promote the vaccine. Easyread data had been developed for use by Learning Disability teams and would be shared with the Voluntary and Community Sector. The Drug and Alcohol Action Team had developed a targeted training pack to encourage the flu vaccine. 


Jo Jeffries would attend the East Berkshire Flu Action Group once a month through the flu season, the first of which had met the previous week. The group had reported on a known delay in the provision of flu vaccines for under 65s at risk, which had been a known issue since the end of July 2019. This delay was due to a delay from one of several manufacturers, and it was understood that there would still be sufficient vaccines. There had been a slight delay in the provision of children’s vaccines to schools and GP practices, but these would be distributed during October by BHFT.


East Berkshire CCG colleagues had created a video featuring a Slough GP who was a Muslim, to promote the flu vaccination within the Muslim community. It was hoped that this video could be publicised within Bracknell Forest when available.


A Flu Portal would be available for professionals to access the same documents.


In response to questions, the following points were noted:

·        BHFT were asked to share good practice in workforce immunisations, as the Local Authority uptake from frontline workers had been poor.

·        There were no concerns arising from the delay to the Sanofi vaccine, but partners stressed that communications should be cascaded around this.

·        It was noted that GP Saturday openings for flu vaccine administration were welcomed in principle, assuming the staff and resourcing was sufficient.

·        Partners discussed immunisations for Voluntary and Community Sector partners whose volunteers had not been eligible for free vaccinations in past flu seasons. The Board agreed to ask the Flu Group to consider this matter based on national advise. (Action: Jo Jefferies)

·        The Board requested updates from the Flu group by email. (Action: Jo Jefferies)

·        It was noted that BHFT had recently created a Health Inequalities Nurse role who would work with the school age immunisation team to provide advice for anti-vaccine families and to promote the flu vaccine.

·        The Board recognised the barriers with some workplace vaccination benefits where vouchers offered by employers were not accepted by GPs. It was noted that GPs were able to go into sizable companies to administer vaccines.

·        It was noted that homeless people would be administered with vaccines at CCG commissioned outreach clinics.

Supporting documents: