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Executive Report

To receive the Leader’s report on the work of the Executive since the Council meeting held on 17 July 2019.


Council is asked to resolve recommendations in respect of Revenue Expenditure Outturn 2018/19:


·        virements relating to the 2018/19 budget that are over £0.100m as detailed in Annexe E, within the attached Appendix A.

·        the Treasury Management performance in 2018/19 as set out in Annexe B, within the attached Appendix A.


The Leader of the Council, Councillor Bettison, presented his report on the work of the Executive since that reported at the Council meeting on 17 July 2019. The Executive had met once since the last Council meeting on 23 July 2019.


The Council noted the Executive decisions detailed in the report. The Leader highlighted the following matters which had been considered by the Executive:


·         £750k had been included in the capital programme for the Town Centre based Youth Centre. It was an important manifesto commitment to develop a new facility in the Braccan Walk car park. It was agreed to establish a working group with young people involved to progress its design.


·         New Safeguarding Partnership Arrangements had been agreed. New multi-agency arrangements were required under Children and Social Work Act 2017 and it was agreed to focus on Bracknell Forest only with a joint adults and children’s Safeguarding Board. The Board would include all statutory decision makers with an Independent Chair (currently advertised). The Sub group structure was agreed which included Pan Berkshire & East Berkshire co-operation.


·         The five year Parking Management & Enforcement Strategy had been agreed which encouraged off street parking and the best use of available parking space and enforcement of parking regulations fairly and efficiently. The Strategy included contract renewal for town centre car park management.


·         The Executive considered the 2018/19 budget outturn. The Revenue outturn expenditure was £81.27m and this was the 21st year the Council had delivered within budget. Virements of over £100k and the Treasury Management strategy were recommended to Council. The Capital outturn was £63,475m.


·         The Homes England Grant offer to help remediate the Strongs Heath former Landfill site on London Road site had been accepted subject to feasibility and procurement of a development partner. The feasibility would be jointly funded with other Berkshire Unitary authorities.


·         The Executive considered Quarter 4 of the Corporate Performance Overview Report and more than 76% of key objectives and performance indicators were green. 


Councillor Temperton stated she had been impressed by the diverse group of young people that had previously been involved in consultation on the Youth Centre. She asked how this would continue to develop the plans. Councillor Dr Barnard responded that Darren Berry has started to establish a working group involving the Youth Council and harder to reach groups. He stated that young people were at the heart of the project.


Councillor Temperton said that she understood that the Strongs Heath site was still relatively young as research indicated that sites required 30 years for settlement of gas emissions for example. The Leader explained that local authorities were running out of previously developed sites and wanted to avoid using green field sites. Previously used landfill sites took 30 years to settle and 300 years for all traces to disappear. He continued that what was being proposed was landfill mining which meant that the landfill was literally dug out to be dealt with and replaced with remediated inert content. He concluded that part of the process would be to evaluate what techniques were on offer and there would be many opportunities to get involved.



Revenue Expenditure Outturn 2018/19


On the proposition of Councillor Bettison, Leader of the Council, seconded by Councillor Allen


it was RESOLVED that:


i)              virements relating to the 2018/19 budget that are over £0.100m as detailed in Annexe E, within the attached Appendix A be approved; and

ii)             the Treasury Management performance in 2018/19 as set out in Annexe B, within the attached Appendix A be approved.

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