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ROWIP2 Actions


Rose Wicks presented a summary of the progress made against the RoWIP policies which included:


  • Work being completed by council staff and volunteers to continuously capture data about the condition of the network and to prioritise works.
  • The Definitive Map and Statement was being maintained, TRO notifications and restrictions were being implemented and reported defects were being addressed.
  • Work was underway to engage with local landowners and tackle issues such as fly-tipping, amongst other communications.
  • Where required, input was made to the planning process to shape the protection and enhancement of the network.
  • Sustainable benefits were delivered wherever possible through schemes such as school access routes and joint events with Public Health for instance.


Devil’s Highway

Members discussed the proposal to restrict motor vehicles from using the section of Devil’s Highway leading to Crowthorne Woods to prevent damage to the surface of this RoW, which was not classified or constructed for motorised use.  It was a private road but there was no record held of who owned it. The intention was to narrow the road with no parking spaces allocated from the roundabout to the electricity sub-station.  The restricted byway from the new barrier past the sub-station to be resurfaced and reduced to 3m width.  The new barrier would require a key holder process to be implemented to accommodate horse drawn carriages, but BFC anticipated that there wouldn’t be a great demand for using this.  New signage would be installed to indicate emergency vehicle access only was permitted.  The timescale for the project was 2 to 3 months to be enacted.   Parking enforcement would be a challenge, as being a private road, it would not be a Highways or Police matter.


Avery Lane TRO

Complete apart from removable bollards, which should have been installed last week. 

Avery Lane was subject to a TRO and the intention was to have an online map of TRO’s which would be an additional resource to assist with project works and when published online could be used by rights of way users to plan their journeys for work, school and recreation There’s scope to tie this in with the work being done by the Trail Riders Fellowship to map all TROs nationally. This would be looked at by BFC once the furniture mapping work had been complete.



Rail Crossing and Sandhurst FP9a diversion

There was to be a diversion of the only rail crossing in the borough, which was in Sandhurst, and which was going to impact on the route of the nearby footpath (FP). In the interests of public safety of those using, or likely to use, the FP, BFC is making an order to divert the FP on to land belonging to the National Trust at Ambarrow Hill, over a bridge belonging to Network Rail, and onto land belonging to Wellington College.


BFC are working with Network Rail on bridge improvement proposals to deal with surfacing, signage, cycle barriers and fencing.  Awaiting S119 application and fee but progressing related work in the meantime.  The length of the footpath (9A) would be extinguished where the current level crossing was and members were shown where the new path would be diverted to, which was via Ambarrow Hill. 


Members were advised that the improvement proposals were seen as a vast improvement in safety and that Network Rail would fund all works, including signage.  It was hoped that works would be completed by the end of July 2019 dependent upon the application process and whether any objections would be forthcoming.


Routes and Links

Members were advised that a new accessible, circular walking route – starting and finishing at Jocks Park – had been suggested by a BFC staff member and it was intended that this new route would be published online. 

(Action: Rose Wicks)


The Chair noted that Rose was undertaking many of the actions of the LCAF and suggested volunteers from the Forum came forward to suggest/plot new routes.  The Chair proposed that members met outside of this meeting to devise new accessible circular routes, for example wheelchair-friendly routes and that he would ask Jenny Yung if she would like to be involved too. 

(Action: Chair & All)


Rose said the aim was also to update current routes that were:


  1. Accessible – short circular routes, with no obstacles and accessible surfaces, which can be used by wheelchair users
  2. Moderate – longer circular routes where there may be small obstacles (such as kissing gates to overcome) and which may include some unsurfaced sections which would suit those with more mobility
  3. Long distance routes – such as the Ramblers Route, Blackwater Valley Path, Three Castles Path, and which are more challenging for those using them.


David Warren said he would be happy to become involved in this project and suggested the use of an App called Viewranger whereby individuals could map a route which could be published for others to use.  It was suggested by Stephen Chown that LCAF could hold an account on the App which would help raise the profile of the forum.  Simon Yates said that he would also be happy to be involved with particular regard to cycling routes. 

(Action: David Warren & Simon Yates)


Information & Marketing

Members were presented with details of Nordic Walking which was taking place every Friday morning at The Look Out and shown the link to the Bracknell Forest Society’s ‘Week of Walks’ due to take place between 29 July and 4 August 2019. This would be shared to BFCs social media pages.


(Action: Rose Wicks)



Working in Partnership

Members were advised of the upcoming neighbouring LCAF meetings:


Mid and West Berks, 22 May – Shaw House, Newbury

HCAF, 18 June – Royal Victoria Country Park, Southampton

Slough, TBC

RBWM, 8 July – Maidenhead Town Hall


Rose Wicks said she could advise members of the contact details for each of the above meetings if required and would endeavour to establish and circulate the date of the Slough meeting.

(Action: Rose Wicks)


Graham Pockett said he had been trying to establish the date of the next regional meeting.  Rose suggested the Chair write to the relevant Chairs to set a meeting up and Stephen Chown suggested to the Chair that Bracknell LCAF offer to host the next regional meeting in order to keep the momentum going.

(Action: Graham and Chair)

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