Agenda item

NHS Long Term Plan and the local focus


Dr Andy Brooks, Accountable Officer for the East Berkshire and Surrey Heath CCG presented on the NHS Long Term plan and local focus.


Andy explained that while the NHS Long Term Plan was a centralised document for national use, there was opportunity to shape for local partnership focus.


Andy highlighted the following areas of consideration within the Plan: mental health, children’s health, and mental health associated with long term conditions. There was also focus on improving care for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and improving community based holistic care for patients discharged from hospital.


The Long Term Plan would be delivered through Primary Care Networks and integration with local services. It was recognised that the NHS workforce needed to be supported to achieve this. Better use of data and digital technology would be made to provide convenient access and allow for improvements in planning and delivery of services.


The next steps for the Long Term Plan would be to develop local five-year plans through the Integrated Care System.


Within East Berkshire CCG, Primary Care Network would be working to develop the following areas:

·        social prescribing and the link between the health economy (physiotherapists, pharmacists, paramedics etc) and General Practice

·        General Practice indemnity cost within the national scheme

·        Quality improvement within communities

·        Primary care networks between GP surgeries to allow for the provision of urgent care services from 8am to 8pm.

·        Online prescriptions and consultations through digital technology

·        5 year funding clarity for GP practices to assist with workforce planning.


Primary Care Networks would be structured geographically, and each would have a named Clinical Director. Investment would be delivered through networks to encourage surgeries into alignment.


Andy explained the strategic priorities for East Berkshire CCG:

·        Person – working alongside individuals to empower them to take control of their own health and wellbeing

·        Place – working in local communities, local authority areas or across a bigger geography to respond to the needs of our population

·        Engage – engaging with staff, member practices, local people and other stakeholders so that services are informed by their needs, views and behaviours

·        Integrate – breaking down the barriers of traditional organisational boundaries to deliver effective and responsive services.


The Board thanked Andy for his presentation.


In response to questions, the following points were noted:

·        Board members welcomed the enthusiasm to engage and integrate with partners, and recognised existing good relationships.

·        The relationship between the Primary Care Networks and Brants Bridge urgent care centre was queried, and it was clarified that options around this matter were being considered.

·        The mapping around the Health and Care Hubs and Primary Care Networks was currently underway, and the complexity of this was recognised. Board members encouraged discussions around this to take place at an early stage.

·        Board members were keen to avoid any duplication between partners, including resources around smoking cessation.

·        Board members encouraged early discussions around governance and decision-making, to ensure that governance was as streamlined as possible between the CCGs and Local Authority.

·        Members welcomed the Long Term Plan’s focus on Early Help and Prevention which matched the changes made recently within the Local Authority.

·        It was stressed that the Voluntary and Community Sector needed to be an integral part of the local plan as they were named throughout the Long Term Plan.

·        Board members recognised the importance of the ‘healthy hospital’ approach to encourage patients to lead healthy lifestyles during their stay.

·        Board members noted the importance of using NHS organisations to drive economic development and social mobility through their workforces in the community.

·        Board members stressed the importance of data sharing between partners, and considered that a data sharing agreement between partners would be critical in the new arrangements.