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Members Updates


Kieth Naylor – none.


Janet Berry – The Skills Funding Agency grant of £400K had been received to deliver community learning. New courses were being offered for autumn 2015. Anyone who would like brochures or the online link could contact Janet.

It was noted that the predicted Government spending cuts of 24%-40% over the next 4 years would impact on community learning provision.


Tina Stephenson – none.


Madeline Diver – none.


Tracey Hedgecox – Age Concern had been administering a carers’ grant on behalf of a funder. However, due to the laborious administrative process involved, it was unlikely that Age Concern would bid for funding again.


Linda Wells – a support group for hoarders was being funded to support hoarders and those affected by hoarding. Housing officers were being trained to identify hoarding and when to intervene.  Philip Cooke asked if handyman services could support this area of work and following a general discussion, Kieth said he would find out about specific de-cluttering services and have internet links circulated to the partnership.


Cllr Thompson – asked what had happened to the event to replace the Later Life workshop.  Kieth Naylor reported that a small grant had been made available to Age Concern Bracknel Forest to deliver a smaller event and that a specification for the event would be developed subject to officer capacity


Philip Cook – Involve were delivering a Community Showcase and Volunteer Recruitment event on 19th September in the Forest suite. Involve were also running a Safeguarding Adults workshop for community groups.

Involve received many requests for gardening help from elderly people but they could not support these requests. Tracey Hedgecox and Linda Wells offered to send details of paid gardening services that had been vetted.


(Action: Tracey Hedgecox/Linda Wells)


Involve were concerned about the lack of cohesion in community transport with groups not sharing drivers and working together.  Involve were looking at ways to improve provision.  It was agreed following a suggestion from Cllr Thompson that the Council’s Transport Manager should be asked to return to the partnership to outline how the needs of older people were being considered in transport planning, including community transport so that the views of the Board might influence the commissioning of services in this area.

(Action: Mira Haynes)


Malcom Toyer  Talking Therapies was a programme aimed at increasing access to evidence based treatments. The service provided


  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Counselling
  • Stress control courses
  • Depression & employment courses
  • Telephone support
  • Online support


Clients could self-refer themselves to services. Talking Therapies could also provide language interpreters and BSL interpreters for clients wanting to access services.

Talking Therapies had a sister service called Talking Health which provided support to people living with health conditions.  Malcolm agreed to circulate a range of leaflets and guides to the partnership  (Action: Malcolm Toyer)


Angela Harris – The focus of her team was carers’ support and improving information, advice and guidance for carers. The carers’ strategy group was there to give carers a voice.


(Action: Kieth Naylor to send Tina Stephenson a list of partnership boards.)