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Disability Advisory & Access Forum

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Information about Disability Advisory & Access Forum




1        The Panel shall comprise four members of the Council (for whom substitute members may be appointed), one of whom shall be appointed as Chairman by the Council.


2        The Panel shall also invite representatives of voluntary and other groups concerned with the welfare of disabled people as the Panel might deem appropriate.


3        Forum meetings shall be held three times per year and shall be open to the public.


4        The functions of the Panel shall be:


·          To discuss and take steps to resolve access and disability issues raised by organisations and individuals;

·          To signpost services offering support for disabled people;

·          To examine the services provided by the Council and consider ways in

which the quality and efficiency of such services may be improved to the benefit of disabled people in Bracknell;

·          To provide advice to the Executive, Overview & Scrutiny and other

Committees, and officers of the Council as appropriate on these issues.