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Overview and Scrutiny Commission

This page lists the meetings for Overview and Scrutiny Commission.


Information about Overview and Scrutiny Commission

All activity on Overview and Scrutiny will be paused until September but we’ll keep this under regular review. We are putting all our resources to help us respond to the public health pandemic. We will keep this page updated once we know when work will be recommencing. 


Terms of Reference


The Overview and Scrutiny Commission shall:


(i)         Develop a four-year strategic work programme aligned to the Council Plan following input from scrutiny members, the Executive, Corporate Management Team, partners and the public, ensuring that it is flexible enough to accommodate urgent short-term issues.

(ii)        Co-ordinate the work of the Overview & Scrutiny Panels to make the best use of available resources which will include allocating topics to Panels and agreeing the scope of activity.

(iii)       Commission Panels to undertake deep dive reviews and support focussed policy development, chaired by the relevant chairman or vice-chairman.  Their size and duration will be dependent on the activity.

(iv)       Receive findings and recommendations from Panel chairmen in respect of their Panel’s scrutiny activity, for consideration and referral to the Executive or other decision-maker as appropriate.

(v)        Prioritise scrutiny activity to ensure that the overview and scrutiny function concentrates on the delivery of work of genuine value and relevant to the work of the Council.

(vi)       Discharge the Council’s crime and disorder responsibilities.

(vii)      Discharge strategic health responsibilities.

(viii)     Manage call-in.

(ix)       Review the policy framework.

(x)        Scrutinise the budget proposals.

(xi)       Hold the Executive to account for performance within the Corporate Performance Overview Report (CPOR).