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Older People's Partnership - Wednesday, 4 December 2013 9.30 am

Venue: Council Chamber, Fourth Floor, Easthampstead House, Bracknell. View directions

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Minutes and Action Points from 11 September 2013 pdf icon PDF 87 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 11 September 2013 were agreed as a correct record.


Matters Arising


  • Janet Berry was the new Head of Community Learning and Skills.
  • Madeline Diver was now Social Policy Co-ordinator for Bracknell Forest and District Citizens Advice Bureau.


Local Account 2013-14 pdf icon PDF 2 MB


Mark Gittins, Head of Performance and Information in Adult Social Care, was present at the meeting to discuss the Local Account 2013-14.


The Local Account for 2012-13 had been completed and meetings were being held with regard to the Local Account for 2013-14. Partnerships were being consulted and it was queried as to whether the format of the Local Account needed to be changed and refreshed. A credit card sized z-card folded up provided a summary of the Local Account for 2012-13 and was circulated to appropriate places. BFVA requested to receive some of these.

(Action: Mark Gittins)


The current format for the Local Account had been used for three years and it was thought that a refresh was needed. There would be a podcast of approximately three minutes in length as well. The size of the document, which included information regarding performance indicators, at fourty three pages was also thought to be prohibitive as the document was produced for the public. A more interesting way of producing the document was being sought.


Suggestions for refreshing the Local Account and how it was used included: seeking feedback from the people who read it, sending the document to a more targeted audience, the z-card was useful and easier to scan so a continuation of this was encouraged, the document could be made available in libraries and GP surgeries, and people were interested in a measure of the quality of a service.


Other suggestions included: the incorporation of the intended progression of integrated care, mentioning in the Local Account who the document was aimed at, highlighting awards given to teams, adding the full URL for the website on the z-card, giving feedback on achievement, channel migration, thinking about how best to promote it so that people knew it existed and could locate it more easily.


The online version of the document could perhaps have a different structure with easy navigation rather than using a static PDF document. There should be a contact number for accessing support services, for example, 01344 352000. There could be a facility for people to comment on the format of the document online.


Board members were requested to send any additional comments on the refresh of the Local Account to Mark Gittins .


Channel Shift Strategy pdf icon PDF 83 KB

How the needs of older people need to be taken into account to reduce any digital divide and the establishment of an Internet sub-group.


Bobby Mulheir, Chief Officer: Customer Services, was present at the meeting to discuss the Channel Shift Strategy.


A digital inclusion project had been developed and work was being undertaken in partnership with Age Concern and BFVA. To fulfil priority 5 of the Older People’s Strategy, the Board had recommended that a working group regarding this be established and the draft terms of reference for this group were attached in the agenda papers.


Channel Shift was essentially about encouraging people to use different means of accessing services at Bracknell Forest Council. The aim was to move people to more digital, cost effective channels of communication, although there were no plans to shut down other methods of contact, such as phone calls or in person contact. To equip people with the skills and means of accessing the internet, for example, via public Wi-Fi. The word ‘channel’ was a marketing term and a way of interfacing with someone.


The Channel Shift Strategy would aim to help meet the demand of people wishing to contact the Borough Council out of the normal office hours of 9am to 5pm. It was suggested that there be representative from the OPPB on the Digital Inclusion Group. Access to internet services could help to provide cost savings for older people, and providing information online was less expensive, for example, for charities as well. Age Concern had been holding events aimed at engaging with older people over recent months.


The Board discussed some of the barriers for older people and there was thought to be a confidence issue with some older people using the internet, which could be overcome if people were shown how to use it. All internet pages on the Borough Council’s website had contact details for people who had queries, and instant chat was currently being investigated as a possibility. It was suggested that the language used could be more user friendly when interfacing with older members of the public.


As the aim was to help people to access the internet as much as possible, the Board thought that there could be some duplication between the proposed working group and the Older People’s Partnership Board (OPPB). It was suggested that the existing Digital Inclusion Group could be expanded and work closely with the OPPB, and that a separate working group to the OPPB was not needed.


It was agreed that both Bob Pennell and Tracey Hedgecox along with Councillor Birch would be the representatives on the Digital Inclusion Group.

(Action: Bob Pennell / Tracey Hedgecox / Councillor Birch)


Kieth Naylor would liaise with Bobby Mulheir to arrange how the objectives of the OPPB could be aligned with the Digital Inclusion Group.  Feedback from OPPB members of the Digital Inclusion Group would be a standing item on the OPPB agenda. .

(Action: Kieth Naylor / Bobby Mulheir)


Dignity Code for Older People pdf icon PDF 37 KB


Terry Pearce, of the National Pensioners Convention, was present at the meeting to discuss the Dignity Code for Older People.


The Dignity Code was launched in the House of Commons in 2012. On 21 February 2014, Support Dignity Action Day would be held. Mr Pearce had contacted the Clinical Commissioning  Group (CCG) and Dr Lee, Member of Parliament regarding the Dignity Code. The code was about establishing the rights of older people to be treated with dignity and recognised that certain practises and actions were unacceptible to older people.


It was noted that the 5th item in the list should read ‘changing the older persons environment without their permission’.


Discussing the Code, the Board considered that the principles of the code were already embedded in members’  strategies, policies, plans and practices and were a core component of members’ approach to safeguarding for example.  The Dignity Code was therefore not considered to be a new aim as the core values of the code were already incorporated into Adult Social Care practice with members already mindful of and practicing its principles. The Borough Council was mindful of all codes in its work but the Board agreed not to officially adopt the Dignity Code.


It was suggested that the principles of the Dignity Code which were present in the Borough Council’s strategies could be brought together in one pledge and reviewed to determine how they might be incorporated in the Older People’s Strategy when it was refreshed.


Review of Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 69 KB


The Board reviewed the membership on the terms of reference for the Older People’s Partnership which were last updated in 2011. The Board felt that, as there was a new strategy and action plan, there was a need for membership to reflect the outcomes set out in these documents to make sure that membership brought the capacity to deliver change for older people over the period 2013-2016. The Board thanked Kieth for his work in pulling the action plan together and considered members who could contribute to the action plan. The Board considered and suggested the following:


  • Encouragement of active engagement and involvement of older people in general, not just work of Board.
  • Bracknell Forest Homes (BFH) as a significant contributor to the strategy should become a member rather than adviser and that their Housing and Community Services Director be present not the Chief Executive.
  • Age Concern would be amended to read Age Concern Bracknell Forest representation from ‘Chief Executive’ to ‘Representative’.
  • The Community Safety Manager should become an adviser to the OPPB in relation to digital inclusion.
  • Health representation should come from the Intermediate Care Partnership Board, and a carers representative should be present, for example, from Berkshire Carers.
  • An Older Person’s lead from Adult Social Care and Health, rather than the Director of Adult Social Care, Health and Housing.
  • ‘Those invited to attend and advise the Board are’ would be changed to ‘those invited to attend and advise the Board include’.
  • Healthwatch Bracknell Forest had a remit for all people not just older people and to ensure that their resources were directed according to capacity, they should be asked to advise the Board on matters relating to older people as a result of their statutory functions.
  • Voluntary Sector Forum (VSF) (facilitated by Bracknell Forest Voluntary Action (BFVA)) would advise the OPPB.
  • Further investigation as to the activity of the Over 50 Forum was required.
  • ‘Older Person’s Champion’ would be changed to Bracknell Forest ‘Older People’s Champion’.
  • The relationship of OPPB members on the Digital Inclusion Group would be formalised by including this in the terms of reference.
  • Where two members of the same organisation were represented on the OPPB, the most senior member would have voting rights on the OPPB.
  • Executive Member for Adult Social Care, Health and Housing would be included as a member.
  • The ‘Grow Our Own’ project no longer existed and would be removed from the list of advisers to the OPPB.
  • ‘Lifelong Learning’ was now called ‘Community Learning’ and Janet Berry, the new Head of Community Learning and Skills, would be a permanent member of the OPPB.
  • Wording would be changed to include a representative from Parish and Town Councils as opposed to Councillors to advise the Board.
  • Further investigation on representation on employers organisations to lead this area of the action plan, for example, Breakthrough or Job Centre Plus would be required for discussion between meetings
  • Dispute resolution would be re-worded to reflect the Board not the wider partnership
  • There would  ...  view the full minutes text for item 19.


Older People's Strategy Action Plan pdf icon PDF 232 KB

Identifying possible members to deliver the action plan, whether permanent or pro-tem / advisory for the delivery of specific projects on the forward plan.


Strategy leads would be incorporated into the Older People’s Strategy Action Plan as and when they were identified. Linda Wells noted that Bracknell Forest Homes was the lead for some of the housing actions and would notify Kieth Naylor of any changes required to the action plan.

(Action: Linda Wells)


There was also a draft forward plan at the end of the action plan for members to consider. New evidence of need relating to older people had been completed and actions from this were now incorporated into the action plan.  The Board agreed amendments to the Older People’s Strategy Action Plan arising from the last meeting. 


On page 92 of the agenda papers, the Board agreed that action 7.3 would need to reflect the discussion of this meeting relating to the Dignity Code as it was decided that the values of the code were already embedded in current strategies.


Linda Wells identified that a number of actions had already been taken by Bracknell Forest Homes and the Board agreed it would be helpful to add an additional column to the action plan to allow for the Board to be appraised of progress on items in the plan. 


Board members were requested to send any updates on the action plan to Kieth Naylor .

(Action: All)


A revised action plan and progress report should be circulated prior to the next meeting of the Board.

(Action: Kieth Naylor)


Members Updates


Colour copies of the Over 50s booklet (Action 1.1) were available from BFVA at £3.60 each, to cover photocopying costs. BFVA were undertaking a befriending project in conjunction with Adult Social Care at the Borough Council; if you shopped in Waitrose in Bracknell you could receive a green token to use to support this project.


The urgent care centre at Brants Bridge had received permission to be established. The Royal Berkshire Clinic at Brants Bridge had been renamed the Royal Berkshire Bracknell Healthspace. The urgent care centre would be GP led and the aim was to open the centre in April 2014.The provision of a children’s urgent care special facility open until 10pm was an aim for the centre. Details regarding the new centre would be published soon. Bus companies had agreed to re-route main bus routes to stop outside Healthspace.


Ideas for additional services Board members would like to see at Healthspace should be forwarded to Councillor Birch .

(Action: All)


An extra care scheme (Action 3.3) was being built near Bracknell Town Centre to be managed by Bracknell Forest Homes (BFH) and was part funded by Bracknell Forest Council. The new development, called Clement House, would include 65 one and two bed apartments designed to meet the aspirations for older people in their retirement and to provide care and support where needed. There had been much interest from people and the local press. 


There was an initiative called Swoop at BFH as it was recognised that there were some isolated older people in the community; 70 older people had been visited and 20 had been invited to Christmas lunches at sheltered housing schemes. Fuel poverty had been identified and advice was being provided regarding this.


Further information from Bracknell Forest Homes regarding the scheme and initiative above would be considered at the next meeting of the OPPB in March 2014.

(Action: Linda Wells)


Age Concern Bracknell Forest would be moving to a new office and would provide Amanda Roden with the details for circulation to the Board.

(Action: Bob Pennell / Tracey Hedgecox)


It was queried how NHS health checks (Action 1.4) could be encouraged and promoted. Lisa McNally, Consultant in Public Health, would be contacted regarding the best way forward for this.

(Action: Kieth Naylor)


Future Agenda Items

  • Restructuring at CAB & Effect on Older People (Rhiannon, CAB)
  • Drug & Alcohol Service (Jillian Hunt)
  • Transport changes affecting older people (Danny Lamb or other relevant officer)


March 2014


  • Bracknell Forest Homes: extra care scheme and Swoop initiative (Linda Wells);
  • Integration of Care (Actions 2.1 and 2.2) (Mira Haynes);
  • Restructuring at CAB & Effect on Older People (Rhiannon, CAB) (Action 4.2a);
  • Development of Healthwatch service and engagement with older people (Action 4.2b).


Future Meetings

Future meetings of the Older People’s Partnership will be held at 10am in the Council Chamber at Easthampstead House:


Wednesday 19 March 2014

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Wednesday 18 March 2015


Future meetings of the Board would be held in the Council Chamber at Easthampstead House:


Wednesday 19 March 2014                10am

Wednesday 18 June 2014                  10am

Wednesday 17 September 2014        10am

Wednesday 17 December 2014        10am