Agenda and minutes

Older People's Partnership - Wednesday, 5 June 2013 3.00 pm

Venue: Boardroom, BFVA, Amber House, Market Street, Bracknell

Contact: Amanda Roden  01344 352253

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Minutes and Action Points from 20 March 2013 pdf icon PDF 78 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 20 March 2013 were agreed as a correct record.


Matters Arising


The Activities for the Over 50’s booklet would be forwarded to the Partnership Board; outstanding action.

                                                 (Action: Chris Cowap/Amanda Roden)


Chris Cowap advised that the Business Community event was held on 26 April 2013 and was very successful. There were 54 delegates, and 15 companies would be taking this forward and getting involved. If Board Members had any projects that were ongoing, please could they let Martin Gilman know so that his list could be updated and the companies involved could see this.

                                                                                             (Action: All)


Any further agenda items for the September meeting should be forwarded to Amanda Roden.

                                                                                             (Action: All)



CAB: Tackling Health Inequalities and Improving Public Health

  • how we can prevent people becoming patients
  • how we can reduce hospital admissions
  • how we can reduce stress by information and advice
  • how this relates to the Health and Wellbeing Strategy


Bracknell Forest Homes (BFH) had engaged the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) to provide paid advisers to work from their offices in Western Road from March to October 2013. An outcome example was tenants who were elderly, with a disability and/or dementia, could contact the Bureau by telephone and could have home visits from CAB advisers working from BFH premises. For example, one couple receiving large care bills from the Borough Council for Home Care could request help with understanding benefits and their personal situation regarding changes. CAB and BFH were praised for making this provision and their excellent partnership working.


Madeline led a discussion on a CAB document ‘Overview of possible links between advice and health’ (March 2012) and highlighted some of the key points. An electronic copy of this document would be forwarded to the group for information.

                                                                        (Action: Amanda Roden)


Madeline would investigate the possibility of funding from public health to form a pilot programme.

                                                                         (Action: Madeline Diver)


Experience Exchange Presentation


Peter Smith discussed the Experience Exchange Service, including how people could register online to their database and offer their expertise or a service. It was an automatic matching system rather than manual and BFVA could have an overview. 


Martin Gilman advised that he had two issues with this:-


  • Was the person CRB Checked,
  • Quality Control if the person’s services were not up to standard. Mr Smith explained that there was a mechanism within the system to highlight the need for CRB qualification where vulnerable people could be at risk and continuous quality control was built into the system to ensure high standards.


Older People's Strategy Action Plan


The Board received the Older People’s Strategy Report and Action Plan.


The large number of possible actions was noted and it was agreed that where actions were already being delivered in other plans or strategies, these should be highlighted or listed separately.


The format and structure of the plan were agreed subject to the inclusion of new columns to address starting point and future targets and a revised draft would be circulated electronically so that Board members could:


·         Consider “connectivity” and populate the “Potential Integration” column by highlighting any activities they might be undertaking separately that could be connected to the actions listed in the plan;

·         in considering connections activities it was strongly suggested that any activity be accompanied by a clear “measure”;

·         identify “resources” (in the widest sense) that there were or could be tapped into;

·         indicate which actions they might like to ”Lead”.


Members should forward their comments to Kieth by 1 July 2013 for him to prepare a second working draft. This was a change from the agreed 26 June 2013 date.

                                                                                          (Action: All)


To further explore “connectivity”, the Board agreed to set up a Working Group which would look at the actions to whittle them down into something more manageable and deliverable. This would be done over two meetings and the dates agreed at the Board were 23 July and 20 August at 10am, Board Room, Amber House.  At these meetings members would finalise a shorter, working action plan of key priorities for consideration by the Board at the meeting in September.


Martin Gilman invited members to indicate their interest on whether they would like to be on the working groups. Cllr Thompson and Madeline Diver expressed an interest and Martin Gilman and/ or Chris Cowap would also be on the working group. Anyone else who would like to be on the group should let Martin Gilman know.

                                                                                            (Action: All)


It was suggested that the Board needed a representative from the voluntary sector on the Health and Wellbeing Board. Martin asked if the Board would have any objections to him putting himself forward. The group had no objections to this so it was agreed that Martin would send a proposal to Cllr Birch and Glyn Jones, Director of Adult Social Care, Health and Housing about representation on the Board.

                                                                         (Action: Martin Gilman)


The Board noted the new information highlighted in the report. Jillian Hunt would gather research on drug and alcohol abuse and the impact on Older People and produce a report on this for the Board meeting in September.

(Action: Jillian Hunt)


Bracknell Forest Partnership Event - Theme Partner Group Update


Martin Gilman circulated a hard copy of the template which needed to be updated ready for 11 July 2013 Bracknell Forest Partnership Event.


Martin would complete the event template and circulate it electronically to the group for additional comments. The document needed to be completed and returned to Katharine Simpson by 28 June 2013.

                                                                                          (Action: All)


Members Updates


Madeline Diver advised that the DLA (for 16-64 years old) becomes PIP on 10 June 2013. There were some real concerns about visually and hearing impaired people with regard to the assessment criteria as they did not appear to fit the criteria.

Local Patients Forum had an AGM on 4 July 2013, 7pm at the Bracknell Forest Homes office in Western Road. At the meeting they would elect a Committee.


Chris Cowap advised that the new DBS system and procedures would be coming in the next couple of weeks and it would cost an individual £13.00 to get their CRB updated on the system. They would be holding an event on 10 July 2013 at the Open Learning Centre and Alex Bayliss would be attending to answer any questions on the DBS.


Cllr Thompson mentioned that the Ascot Retirement Fair was being held soon. The Access Advisory Panel was having a conference on 19 July 2013 at Easthampstead Baptist Church. There would be a town centre regeneration discussion so that disabled people can put their ideas forward to shop owners around accessibility and other matters.


Naoma Dobson commented that the small grants had been announced and there was still a reasonable amount of money available in public health.


Kieth Naylor would find out if there was template or application form available for people to complete if they wished to apply for a grant.

                                                                            (Action: Kieth Naylor)


NaomaDobson commented that it could be a small sum as long as it could benefit or have a positive impact on older people to improve their health and well being. Naoma would email the link to Martin for him to access this information.

                                                                        (Action: Naoma Dobson)


Future Meetings

Future meetings of the Older People’s Partnership will be held at 10am in the Boardroom at Amber House:


Wednesday 11 September 2013

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Wednesday 19 March 2014


Future meetings of the Older People’s Partnership would be held at 10am in the Boardroom at Amber House.


Wednesday 11 September 2013

(Cllr Thompson gave his apologies for this meeting)


Wednesday 11 December 2013


Wednesday 19 March 2014