Agenda and minutes

Older People's Partnership - Tuesday, 14 June 2011 10.00 am

Venue: Council Chamber, Fourth Floor, Easthampstead House, Bracknell. View directions

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Minutes and Action Points from 15 March 2011 pdf icon PDF 59 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 15 March were agreed as a correct record.


Matters arising


Minute 34: it was agreed that clarification would still be sought on whether the concessionary age would change when the pension age increased.

(Action: Abby Thomas)


Minute 37: it was agreed that Martin Gilman would contact Richard Beaumont, Head of Overview and Scrutiny, BFC, to arrange for representatives of the Older People’s Partnership to attend a meeting of the appropriate scrutiny panel.

(Martin Gilman)


Minute 39: The statistics for the age bands of visitors to the CAB were circulated to members. It was agreed that figures from previous years would be brought to the next meeting of the OPP to see if there were any trends or patterns relating to older people.

(Action: Madeline Diver/ Emma Silverton)


It was agreed that the CAB Annual Report would be brought to the OPP during Autumn 2011.

(Action: Madeline Diver)


Voice of Experience Conference


Mira Haynes, Chief Officer: Older People & Long Term Conditions, lead a discussion on the Voice of Experience Conference. It was reported that the conference had been discussed at the Older People’s Forum and they had agreed that January 2012 would be the best time to hold the event for around 50 guests.


The Forum had discussed themes for the conference and had felt that the event should focus around choices in later life. The content of the event should inform people about the choices available to them including the new options available with areas of focus including; lifelong learning, pensions and finances and a refresh of the strategies relating to older people.


The Partnership agreed that this was a good topic to cover and that informing people about the options, activities, support and services that were available across the borough was important. It was agreed that information around prevention, personalisation, education and lifelong learning should be included as well as information on learning about new skills for greater independence.


It was suggested that the conference could be called opportunities in later life rather than new choices. The aim of the conference should be to inform people about opportunities available and how to plan for, and think differently about, later life with a focus on independence.


It was suggested that a guest speaker would be appropriate and that local success stories across a range of ages and communities could be promoted.


The OPP agreed that a sub-group should be formed to finalise the conference theme and programme. It was agreed that the Conference Sub-Group would be coordinated by Mira Haynes and would include Barbara Briggs, Chris Cowap, Madeline Diver and Cliff Thompson.

(Action: Mira Haynes)


Older People's Strategy Refresh pdf icon PDF 5 MB


Martin Gilman presented the ‘Adding Life to Years’ Strategy for Older People which had been published in 2009.


It was reported that the majority of actions contained within the strategy had now been either completed or superseded. The Strategy needed to undergo a refresh to update the information within it and bring it into line with new and proposed legislation.


It was noted that the new actions would need to be linked to partners and other strategies including:


  • Children’s Services
  • The Accommodation Strategy
  • Local Development Framework and the new Community Infrastructure Levy
  • Public Health


It was suggested that links should also be made with new Health and Wellbeing Board and incorporate their refresh of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


It was agreed that as part of the refresh, the Strategy would be combined with BFC’s Adult Services Departmental Strategies so that all partners across the borough were working towards the same priorities and recommendations.


It was agreed that a sub-group be set up to work through the existing strategies and update them where needed. It was agreed that the draft strategy should be taken to the Older People’s Conference in January 2012 for consultation. It was agreed that the strategy refresh should be completed by May 2012.


The OPP agreed that a Older People’s Strategy Sub-Group be set up to steer and develop the refresh. It was agreed that the sub-group would be coordinated by Mira Haynes and that Victor Nicholls would be contacted to see if support was available.

(Action: Mira Haynes)


It was agreed that Mira Haynes speak with Gill Major about possible support from the Public Health Team at NHS Berkshire East.

(Action: Mira Haynes/ Gill Major)


Local Transport Issues


The Partnership discussed the importance of easily available community transport for older people particularly those who have restricted mobility. Partners noted that at certain times people with disabilities had difficulty in booking vehicles and that due to demand it was often necessary to book several months in advance.


It was noted that availability of community transport was a problem in many areas of the country and was likely to be an ongoing issue in the borough. It was agreed that Damian James be invited to a future meeting of the Older People’s Partnership to talk about the current arrangements for integrated transport and work the team were currently undertaking.

(Action: Emma Silverton)


Health and PCT Update


Gill Major, Commissioning Project Manager gave an update in relation to the current position of NHS Berkshire East and progress made towards the reforms set out in the Government White Paper. The presentation included the new overall structure of the NHS, the White Paper vision, PCT Cluster, GP Consortia and changes as a result of the Government pause in implementation of the White Paper.


The Group noted that East and West Berkshire PCTs were now one cluster with a CEO and new Board in place. Savings of £2.66 million in management costs were needed by the Cluster over the next 18 Months. It was agreed that further details of savings required across the whole cluster would be circulated to the Group.

(Action: Gill Major)


GP Consortia would work in partnership with the local authority and communities to be responsible for the commissioning of the majority of health services in the borough. The Bracknell & Ascot GP Commissioning Consortium had been awarded pathfinder status and covered a total population of 135,545 people under three Ascot and Twelve Bracknell GP practices. It was anticipated the Consortia would be fully operational by April 2012.


It was reported that as a result of the Government’s Pause and Listening Exercise, doctors and nurses would be involved in new consortia planning not just GPs, new clinical senates would oversee integration of NHS services and NHS economic watchdog, Monitor would have a duty to promote integration of care across an area.


PCT Dementia Training


Gill Major, NHS Berkshire East, presented the Group with feedback on progress to date in relation to implementation of the National Dementia Strategy: Objectives 1, 2, 3 & 7.


NHS Berkshire East had commissioned The Alzheimer’s Society to deliver training in GP Surgeries across East Berkshire. A non-clinical programme of training was developed for all staff, GPs and Nurses along with a resource pack which was made available for all surgeries and support staff. Initially 196 staff had been trained with the final total of trained staff expected to be around 450.


The session had received good feedback, quick wins identified from the session included staff referring to the Alzheimer’s Society for advice, being more tolerant of carer’s wishes and more flexible appointments for patients.


The Dementia Awareness Project 2010-11 would be written up and a report published which highlighted key work undertaken and results. It was agreed that a link to the final report would be circulated to members of the group once available.

(Action: Gill Major)


It was noted that Ascot Alzheimer’s Association had received a Queens Award for Voluntary Service.


It was suggested that the report be mentioned at the Carers UK lunch due to be held on Friday 17 June 2011 to make them aware of the work.

(Action: Barbara Briggs)


Members Updates


Bracknell Forest Homes


It was a busy period for BFH with lots of changes resulting from new guidance and legislation.


Citizen’s Advice Bureau


The CAB were altering the way in which they gave advice. Currently diagnostic interviews were undertaken face to face however, a new telephone diagnostic service was to be introduced. The phone service would be available throughout the CAB’s opening hours.


It was noted that CAB would be introducing a new system for recording information.


Carers UK


The Carers UK lunch was scheduled for Friday 17th June 2011.


Executive Member for Adult Services, Health and Housing


It was noted that Older People’s Accommodation Strategy would be presented to the OPP by the Executive Member and Chief Officer for Housing at the September Partnership meeting.

(Action: Emma Silverton)


Chief Officer: Older People & Long Term Conditions


A Carers Conference would be held during the morning of 7 September 2011 at Easthampstead Baptist Church, Bracknell.


The Older People’s Network had commissioned Oxford Brookes to review the ADAS core document. It was agreed that this would be brought to the OPP once completed.

(Action: Mira Haynes)


Bracknell Forest Voluntary Action


A discussion on GP Consortiums lead by Dr William Tong would be held at a meeting if the Federation of Community Groups on 30 June at 7.30pm.


A manager had been appointed for the Jealott’s Hill Landshare Project which was currently being managed by BFC. Due to a legal issue work had not yet begun however it was hoped that planting of the plot would begin during the summer.




Future Meetings

The next meeting of the Older People’s Partnership would be held on 13 September 2011at 10am in the Council Chamber, Easthampstead House.


It was agreed that the time of next meeting of the Older People’s Partnership be adjusted from 10am to 2pm on 13 September 2011 in the Boardroom, AmberHouse.