Agenda and minutes

Older People's Partnership - Tuesday, 13 April 2010 10.00 am

Venue: Boardroom, Bracknell Forest Voluntary Action, Amber House

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Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence.


Establishment of Older People's Partnership pdf icon PDF 59 KB

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As part of the development of the ‘Adding Life to Years’ – a Strategy for Older People, Bracknell Forest Council worked with a Steering Group comprised of Older People’s stakeholders. The Group recommended that the interests of Older People could best be achieved through a themed partnership.


At its meeting on 17 December 2009 the Bracknell Forest Partnership Board approved the establishment of a themed partnership around Older people.


The ‘Adding Life to Years’ – a Strategy for Older People was a key document and could be accessed on the Bracknell Forest Website at


Hard copies of the strategy would be sent to Madeline Diver, Sarah Frenett and Bracknell Forest Voluntary Action.

(Action: Glyn Jones)


Election of Chair


It was agreed that Martin Gilman would chair the Older People’s Partnership.


Terms of Reference and Membership pdf icon PDF 44 KB

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The Board received the draft Terms of Reference for the Older People’s Partnership which included details of partnership resources, working arrangements and decision making process.


It was noted that Terry Pearce was representing the Over Fifty Forum which was previously the Senior Citizen’s Forum. Barbara Briggs was representing Carers. Madeline Diver was representing the Voluntary Sector Forum and might also be the representative from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. This was to be discussed at their next meeting and confirmed at the next Older People’s Partnership (OPP) Meeting. 

(Action: Madeline Diver)


The Group noted that the representative for the OPP from U3A would be decided at their next meeting and confirmed at the next OPP meeting.

(Action: Terry Pearce)


It was noted that NHS Berkshire East and Bracknell Forest Homes would be contacted again about having a representation on the OPP as it was felt that these organisation could make a valuable contribution to Older People’s issues in the borough.

(Action: Emma Silverton)


It was agreed that links to employment opportunities and the local economy should be sought. Representatives to sit on the partnership from Bracknell Regeneration Partnership, Chamber of Commerce, Grown Our Own, Job Centre Plus and Lifelong Learning would be requested.

(Action: Emma Silverton)


The Group agreed that the minutes of the OPP meeting would be sent to the Lead Officers of the other Bracknell Forest Themed Partnerships for information and to invite partners to join the OPP if they felt it was appropriate.

(Action: Emma Silverton)


A formal link would need to be established between the Older People’s Partnership and the Health and Social Care Partnership Board to allow effective communication between the two partnerships. Minutes from the meetings would be included on the agendas for the other partnership. Minutes would also be available to other theme partnerships to allow effective working and clear communication.


Communication would be a key area of work for the Older People’s Partnership. The OPP was a cross-cutting partnership that would pick up and support older people’s issues that arose from other theme partnerships. The work of other themed partnerships would be reviewed in relation to older people’s issues to identify any gaps. Clear communication would be needed to ensure repetition of work did not occur.


Communication with older people living in the borough would also be important. Many older people found it difficult to know where to look for information and often did not use computers. Improved communication was need in both directions between Bracknell Forest Council and older people. BFC were currently undertaking a consultation on this. Communications had distributed a questionnaire which was also available online.


Although it was unlikely that every older person in the borough would be reached, the consultation had been sent to community representatives and organisations who would be able to provide the views of older people in the area who were not easily engaged by the Council. The consultation closed on Monday 12 April 2010, a summary report of the result would be brought to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Older People's Strategy Position Statement


The priority actions identified in the ‘Adding Life to Years’ – A Strategy for Older People were broad based. Key Council Officers who were linked to priority actions had worked with their staff to create more specific actions which enabled the priorities identified in the strategy to be taken forward.


Officers would be asked to provide an update on their actions including the progress on specific actions and links to other strategies.


An updated version of the Older People’s Action Plan would be brought to the next OPP meeting.

(Action: Glyn Jones)


Older People's Partnership Priorities for 2010/11


It was noted that each partner organisation would have priorities for work. It was agreed that it would be best to discuss these alongside the updated Older People’s Strategy Action Plan at the next meeting.


The Partnership agreed that the OPP’s Action Plan for the year should identify issues that the partnership could actively support and drive forward to produce tangible outcomes.


New IDeA programme - 'Building a Society for all ages' pdf icon PDF 32 KB


The Group received a report outlining details of the new IDeA programme- ‘ Building a Society for all ages’ which was designed to help authorities plan and deliver for an aging society. The programme aimed to provide local councils with a flexible range of support that would help embed the core principles of the Department of Work and Pensions led LinkAge Plus programme and the Department of Health led Partnerships for Older People’s Project programme.


The programme operated with key stakeholder groups as well as the local authority. Information was collected via a self assessment and a series of interviews and workshops with those involved in the work of Older People’s service provision as well as customers receiving the service. A feedback session was given to the local authority which would be followed up with a report.


The assessment would provide information on the links between high level initiatives and what was taking place at a local level. It was the role of the OPP to bridge the any gaps between these two areas and ensure national aspirations practical particularly in Bracknell Forest particularly in the light of a possible change of government and the current economic climate.


The Group noted that examples of best practice for OPPs were available on the Communities of Practice website.


Health and Social Care Partnership Board Minutes - 03 March 2010

To be tabled.


The Group received the Health and Social Care Partnership Board (HSCPB) minutes from their meeting on 03 March 2010.


The Group discussed the PCT Strategic Plan – Transforming Community Services which had been renamed ‘Preventing Crisis, Providing Support’. From April 2010 community Health Services would no longer be provided by the PCT. The PCT had looked at a number of options and agreed that its preferred provider was the Berkshire Mental Health Trust.


Berkshire Mental Health Trust would take over the provision of community health services from 1 April 2011 and would be closely monitored by the HSCPB. It was agreed that a representative from the Mental Health Trust would be invited to join the OPP.

(Action: Emma Silverton)


The HSCPB had received an update on Personalisation. The Group noted that Lynne Lidster and Derek McCarthy were key contacts for anyone who had concerns surrounding Personalisation. It was reported that gaps in Personalisation had been identified by the pilot study. It was agreed that further details of these would be circulated to BFVA.

(Action: Glyn Jones)


It was agreed that an update and presentation on Personalisation particularly issues relating to older people would be given at the next meeting of the OPP.

(Action: Glyn Jones)


The Public Health Working Group had been re-established. The Group’s first task would be to refresh the existing Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The OPP would be kept informed of the working group’s progress.


Future Meetings

To adopt the proposed timetable of meetings for the Older People’s Partnership for 2011/12. All meetings are to be held alternatively at 10.00am in the Board Room, Amber House and the Council Chamber, Easthampstead House unless otherwise stated.


·         Monday 28 June 2011, Council Chamber, Easthampstead House

·         Monday 13 September 2011, Boardroom, Amber House

·         Monday 13 December 2011,  Council Chamber, Easthampstead House

·         Monday 14 March 2012, Boardroom, Amber House



It was noted that Monday mornings were not a suitable time for many members of the Older People’s Partnership. It was agreed that a revised timetable of meetings for 2010/11 would be drafted and circulated to members.

(Action: Martin Gilman/ Emma Silverton)


Any Other Business


First Contact


Bracknell Forest Voluntary Action, Thames Valley Police and the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service were launching a ‘First Contact’ checklist scheme. In Bracknell Forest the scheme would be used on existing customers of BFVA.


When a resident was visited by a member of staff they would be given a checklist of services provided by each of the three partners. This form would then be passed on the relevant organisations contact for the services requested. Services listed on the checklist would include home safety checks and fire safety checks.


It was hoped that the leaflet would be launched at the end of April 2010. An update on the schemes progress would be brought to the next OPP meeting. It was noted that there was potential for including other partners services on the checklist in the future.

(Action: Chris Cowap)


Under Pressure


A report titled Under Pressure had been produced by the Audit Commission on the challenges councils face with aging populations as public spending reduces. There was a need to look at whether the work of the OPP reflected issues raised in the Under Pressure document.


A government white paper had also been produced on Future Funding and a consultation document containing proposals for regulations and guidance made under the Personal Care At Home Bill had been published.


Berkshire East Strategic Operational Plan


A document briefly outlining the changes to the NHS Berkshire East Strategic Pan was circulated to the Group for information.


Frimley Park Hospital Consultation


Frimley Park Hospital were currently undertaking a consultation on a proposed £20,000,000 extension to the hospital which would include extended accident emergency facilities. The consultation closed on 9 May 2010. If the extension went ahead it would have a significant impact on the Bracknell Forest residents with over 20% of residents currently using facilities at Frimley.