Council - Wednesday, 1 March 2000 7.30 pm

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Apologies for Absence


To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 17 November 1999 pdf icon PDF 217 KB


Mayor's Announcements

1          Mr D A Veakins


2          Engagements


Public Participation at Meetings

To receive a petition in the following terms submitted by Mr R Dumelow signed by 120 persons:


I believe that the Legal and General Scheme is too big for Bracknell and urge the Bracknell Forest Borough Council to support a Town Centre redevelopment that is more appropriate to the needs of local people.


To receive and consider Reports, Minutes and Recommendations of Committees: pdf icon PDF 15 KB

Strategy & Policy - 5 January 2000


Leisure Services - 11 January 2000


Public & Environmental Services - 18 January 2000


Education - 25 January 2000


Planning & Transportation - 27 January 2000


Social Services & Housing - 1 February 2000


Social Services & Housing - 16 February 2000


Strategy & Policy - 16 February 2000


Financial Plans & Revenue Budget 2000-2001 pdf icon PDF 324 KB

To consider the recommendations in minute 500 of the Strategy & Policy Committee held on 16 February 2000 as set out in the accompanying report by the Director of Corporate Services (pages 5-11 ).


To Receive Reports from Officers of the Council pdf icon PDF 112 KB

(i)         Local Government  and Housing Act 1989


Arising from the resignation of Mr D A Veakins, vacancies have arisen on the main Committees listed below.  The seats vacated by Mr Veakins were allocated to the Labour Group at the Annual Meeting of the Council.  Under the provisions of the Local Government & Housing Act 1989, the Council must now make appointments to those seats in accordance with the wishes of the Labour Group and these are as listed.  The Council is therefore recommended to confirm these appointments accordingly:


Planning & Transportation Committee           Cllr Good

Public & Environmental Services Committee            Cllr Grayson

Direct Services Board            Cllr Fawcett

Health Panel   Cllr McCormack


Appointments to vacancies on Sub Committees fall to be made by the appropriate main Committee.


(ii)        Appointment of Independent Members of Standards Committee


To consider the attached report by the Director of Corporate Services (Pages  13-15). 


Motions Submitted Under Standing Order 8

(i)         1/2000 Submitted by Councillors Barnard and Ward


That this Council ask the Chief Executive to write to the Prime Minister urging him to respond to the Royal Commission which his Government set up to examine the long term care of the elderly.


It is a year now since the Commission presented the Government with their report.


We note with dismay that the only one of the recommendations which has been acted upon so far is one related to a National Care Commission responsible for ensuring quality of care from all providers.  Although an important issue it is probably the one which concerns the elderly least from among the many recommendations.


The Commissioners recommended unanimously that "free personal care for all is paramount" and it is on this point among others that the Government has failed to act and is one of the three main recommendations which we would appeal to the Prime Minister to respond to us on behalf of our elderly residents.


The other two are firstly that the means testing thresholds be raised and secondly that there should be a longer delay before pensioners are expected to dispose of their home in order to pay for their care.


(ii)        2/2000 Submitted by Councillors Bettison and Ward


This Council congratulates the Chairman of the Health Panel for the promptness with which he dealt with the health questionnaire to residents.


We note the excellent response from the public and feel that the questions on "accident and emergency" and "cancer screening" were an essential part of this exercise.


(iii)       3/2000 Submitted by Councillors Beadsley and Jones


That the Council recognises that the number of properties available to meet the needs of people on the housing waiting list is falling and deplores the Conservative administration's failure to take adequate steps to promote the provision of additional affordable housing to rent or buy.


The Council will amend its planning policy to seek a minimum of 25% of affordable housing on future eligible developments.

Minutes - 1 March 2000 pdf icon PDF 344 KB