Council - Sunday, 28 January 2001 7.30 pm

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Apologies for absence


To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 22 November 2000


Mayor's Announcements


Public Participation at Meetings

(i)         To receive a statement by Mr A Radgick of Broad Lane, Bracknell on the subject of traffic in Broad Lane.


(ii)        To receive the following submission by Mr R Earwicker on behalf of Bracknell Liberal Democrats.


“To register a protest at the outrageous increase in Councillors’ pay, the cuts in services and the inflation busting increases in Council Tax”.


(iii)       To receive the following questions submitted by Mr D R Good of Staverton Close, Bracknell:


(a)        Questions to Councillor Barnard – Chairman of Housing Committee:


1)         “How many residents of the Borough are at present on the Borough Council, housing waiting list?”


2)         “What numbers of those residents on the housing waiting list are families with children under 5 years of age?”


3)         “What target has the Council set, to reduce the waiting list year on year until 2005?”


(b)        Questions to Councillor Mrs Ballin – Chairman of Planning and Transportation Committee:


1)         “Between the period of May 1979 and May 1995 when both National Government and the Borough Council were controlled by the Conservative Party.  How many houses were built in the Bracknell area?”


2)         “What is the anticipated level of additional traffic, which would be imposed on local roads if they were to build 700 houses on the RAF Staff College site as, put forward by the inspector’s recommendations?”


3)         “What were the anticipated additional levels of traffic, which would have been imposed on local roads by the Town Centre re-development plans?  As put forward by the Conservative Controlled Council together with Legal and General.”


(c)        Questions to Councillor Bettison – Chairman of Strategy and Policy Committee:


1)         “How many residents in the following wards voted in the Borough Council Consultation leaflet headed “whose in charge around here” – Garth, Priestwood, Bullbrook, Harmanswater and Wildridings?”


2)         “The previous director of social services, Trevor Farmer, was given early retirement in light of a damning report from the National Joint Review on the Social Services Department.  Is it not time for the Chairman of the Social Services Committee to be given early retirement or is it one rule for directors of departments and another for the Chairman of Social Services Committee?”


3)         “The Leader of the Council is quoted as saying “I have saved the Council £3.5 million a year for the next 10 years, I think they are getting me for incredibly good value”.  How much have the other 39 Councillors saved the Council or are they surplus to requirements?”


To receive and consider Reports, Minutes and Recommendations of Committees pdf icon PDF 118 KB

Strategy and Policy - 20 December 2000

Public & Environmental Services - 23 January 2001

Leisure Services - 24 January 2001

Planning & Transportation - 25 January 2001

Education - 30 January 2001

Social Services & Housing - 1 February 2001

Social Services & Housing - 7 February 2001

Social Services & Housing - 15 February 2001

Strategy & Policy (except for Minute 480 which will be considered with Agenda Item 6, and Minute 485 which will be considered with Agenda Item 8 (iii)) - 15 February 2001

Additional documents:


Financial Plans & Revenue Budget 2001-2002 pdf icon PDF 322 KB

To consider the recommendations in minute 480 of the Strategy & Policy Committee held on 15 February 2001 as set out in the accompanying report by the Director of Corporate Services (pages 5-11).


Health Panel pdf icon PDF 205 KB

To receive a report by Councillor Mills (Chairman of Health Panel) in accordance with Minute 224/99 (pages 12-13).


Motions Submitted Under Standing Order 8

(i)         1/2001 Submitted by Councillors Worrall and Mrs Ballin


This Council is aware of the public concerns regarding possible risks to health caused by the radio frequency radiation emitted from mobile phone transmitting masts.


It therefore calls upon the Leader of the Council and Leader of the Opposition to write to the Secretary of State for Environment, Transport and the Regions, requesting that some of the proceeds from the sale of third generation phone licenses be urgently invested in further detailed studies into the perceived threat to health.


This action is required in order to allay fears that have not been satisfied by the Stewart Report, which suggests that more research should be undertaken.


The letter should also request the government to proceed with urgency in the review of permitted development planning rights for the installation of Telecommunications Apparatus and the publication of updated Planning Guidance.


(ii)        2/2001 Submitted by Councillors Mills and Mrs Ballin


This council views with concern the Government's Planning Policy Guidance for car parking in all future housing developments in England and believes it to be inadequate and hence unworkable.   In particular the planning policy guidance does not recognise the needs of the average car owner.


As a result this council urges the government to take action to:-


1)         reconsider its guidance to reflect the reality of the number of cars per household more accurately.


2)         address the genuine concerns that owners have for safeguarding their valuable vehicles.


3)         avoid overcrowded residential roads used for parking and hence maintain the quality and harmony of life for residents.


4)         protect our living and visual environment from the detrimental impact of cars parked on green or other non designated spaces.


(iii)       3/2001 Submitted by Councillors Barnard and Mills


This Council shares the concerns of MP's of all parties that the Community Health Councils (CHC's), the current Patients' champions, should be strengthened and not abolished.


Furthermore, the Government's ill-conceived proposals for representing our rights within the NHS will lead to an ineffective voice for patients.


This Council instructs the Chief Executive to convey these views in writing to the appropriate Government Departments.

Minutes - 28 February 2019 pdf icon PDF 50 KB