Council - Wednesday, 21 November 2001 7.30 pm

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 25 July 2001 pdf icon PDF 8 KB


Report of Returning Officer

To receive the following report


Priestwood Ward


Notification was received from Mrs J A Clifford of her resignation as Ward Councillor for the Priestwood Ward with effect from 30 September 2001.  An Election was held on Thursday 8 November 2001 and the votes cast for each candidate were as follows


SARAH EDWARDS                           85

DAVID JOHN FAWCETT                  382

TONY PACKHAM                              312


Mr D J Fawcett has therefore been elected and has signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.  A notice under Regulation 9 of the Local Government (Committees and Political Groups) Regulations 1990 has been received confirming that Councillor Fawcett wishes to be treated as a member of the Labour Group.



Mayor's announcements


Scheme for Public Participation - Standing Order 12

(1)        Statement


To receive a statement submitted by Mr R Earwicker on behalf of Crowthorne and Sandhurst Liberal Democrats relating to the Joint Youth Centre Project in Sandhurst.


(2)        Questions


Questions by Mr A J Ridley to Chairman of the Social Services and Housing Committee


Look Ahead Housing Development, Pond Moor Road


Given the social implications of the above proposal how much time has been spent by Council Officers to identify an alternative site in the Borough and why has the whole matter been conducted in an air of secrecy with no prior consultation with the community?  Does the Council not agree with Councillor Flood’s comment that this development is in the wrong location and should not be proceeded with?


(3)        Petitions – to receive the following petitions


(a)        Petition to be presented by Ms L Tooze


We, the undersigned, urge the Councils to adopt in Bracknell Forest the Local Government Association’s recommendations that a five year freeze on the experimentation and growing of genetically modified crops in open ground should be put in place.


Note: This Petition will be considered in associated with Agenda Item 10.


(b)        Petition by Sandhurst Residents


Councillor A Ward (Central Sandhurst) will present a petition on behalf of Sandhurst Residents requesting the retention of the “Coffee Spot” in Sandhurst.


To receive and consider reports, minutes and recommendations of Committees pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Standards Committee - 2 August 2001

Education Committee - 23 October 2001

Leisure Services Committee - 24 October 2001

Planning & Transportation Committee - 25 October 2001

Public & Environmental Services Committee - 16 October 2001

Social Services & Housing Committee - 30 October 2001

Strategy & Policy Committee - 7 November 2001


To receive reports from Council Officers pdf icon PDF 208 KB

(a)        Calculation of Council Tax Base – 2002/2003


Report of Director of Corporate Services – Finance enclosed.


(b)        New Constitution


Report by Director of Corporate Services – Member and Registration Services enclosed.

Additional documents:


Appointments to be made under the New Constitution pdf icon PDF 137 KB

(a)        To elect the Leader of the Council for the remainder of the current municipal year;


(b)        To note the Members to be appointed by the Executive Leader to serve on            the Executive for the remainder of the current municipal year;


(c)        To note the delegation of Executive functions made by the Leader for        the remainder of the current municipal year;


(d)        To note the appointment and terms of reference of the following Advisory Panels to advise the Executive:


Emergency Planning Advisory Panel (3:1 with substitute members (3 :3))


School Performance Advisory Panel (3:1 with substitute members (3 : 3))


(e)        To approve the allocation of seats on Committees appointed by the Council set out in the Director’s report attached and to appoint Members to serve thereon for the remainder of the municipal year;


(f)        To make any consequential changes to appointments to outside bodies for the remainder of the current municipal year;


(g)        To appoint Members to serve on the following Member Groups for the remainder of the current municipal year:


·         Access Advisory Panel (3:1 with appropriate officers and representatives of external organisations plus 3 : 3 substitutes)


·         Community Safety Focus Group (3:1 with appropriate officers)


·         Constitution Review Group (6 : 2 with appropriate officers)


·         Countryside Management Steering Group (2)


·         Crowthorne Enterprise Centre Advisory Group (2 : 1)


·         Customer Contact Initiative Focus Group (3 : 1 with appropriate officers)


·         Early Years Childcare and Development Partnership (2 LEA representatives 1 : 1)


·         Edgbarrow & Sandhurst Sports Centre Management Committee (3 Council representatives (2 : 1)


·         Health & Safety Panel (1 member)


·         Health Panel (6 : 2 with appropriate officers and substitute members (2 : 2))


·         Local Agenda 21 Impact Group (1 member)


·         Periodic Electoral Review Focus Group (3 : 1 with appropriate officers)


·         School Organisation Committee (5 LEA representatives 4 : 1)


·         Social Services Complaint Review Panels – any one Councillor (other than a member of the Executive) and two other independent members appointed by the Director of Corporate Services.


·         Social Services Secure Accommodation Review Panel – Executive Member for Social Services and Housing together with a suitable qualified social services officer and an independent person, appointed by the Director of Social Services and Housing.


·         Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (5 LEA representatives 4 : 1)

Additional documents:


To consider the following Motion submitted under Standing Order 8

4/2001 submitted by Councillors McCormack and Beadsley.


This Council is sympathetic to the concerns of the protestors who have expressed concern at the methods of local genetically modified crop trials, and until there is sufficient evidence on the safety of growing genetically modified crops in open ground, the Council pledges to support a five year moratorian on these trials.


Note:  this motion will be considered in association with Agenda Item 5 (2) (a) above.

Meetings of all Standing Committees and Select Committees will follow on.