Council - Wednesday, 18 November 1998 7.30 pm

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Prayers - The Mayor's Chaplain The Reverend David Osborne has been invited to open the meeting with prayers.


Mayor's Announcements

(1)        The Late Councillor W Onions


(2)        Former Councillor R Angell


To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on Wednesday 22 July 1998.


Report of Returning Officer

To receive the following report:


(i)         Great Hollands South Ward


            Following the resignation of Mr R Angell as Ward Councillor for the Great Hollands South Ward, with effect from 24 September 1998, a by-election was held on Thursday 12 November 1998 and the votes cast for each candidate were as follows:


HENFREY Diana Simone Olivia        -           329


MAXWELL David James                    -             58


PIASECKI John Stefan                       -           638


(ii)        Harmans Water Ward


The Council is formally advised that a vacancy for one Ward Councillor for Harmans Water Ward has arisen following the untimely death of Mr W Onions and that Notice of Vacancy will therefore be published immediately after the meeting.


Allocation of seats on committees pdf icon PDF 106 KB

To note that following the by-election for the Great Hollands South Ward, the membership of political groups represented on the Council is as follows:


Conservative Group    -           22

Labour Group              -           17


In determining the allocation of seats on committees, the Council is required to take account of the proportion of seats on the Council held by each Political Group.  At present 39 seats are held by the two Political Groups as noted above with one vacancy.  The statutory rules therefore require the 106 seats currently available on committees appointed by the Council to be allocated in the ratio 60 : 46.


Appointment of Members to serve on committees 1998/99 pdf icon PDF 113 KB

Report of Chief Executive enclosed.


To receive and consider reports, minutes and recommendations of committees: pdf icon PDF 17 KB

Council - 22 July 1998


Leisure Services Committee With Strategy & Policy Committee - 21 July 1998


Social Services & Housing Committee - 15 September 1998


See Notes (1) and (2) below


Public & Environmental Services Committee - 22 September 1998


Planning & Transportation Committee - 1 October 1998


Leisure Services Committee - 13 October 1998


Education Committee - 15 October 1998


See Note (1) below


Strategy & Policy Committee - 28 October 1998


Direct Services Board - 17 September 1998




(1)        Further copies of the undermentioned reports which have given rise to references to this meeting can be obtained from Committee Services (01344 352260)


Housing Sub Committee


Minute 20 – Review of Housing Allocations Policy


Education Committee


Minute 293 – Early Retirement Arrangements for Teachers

Minute 294 -  Handling Staff Reductions in Schools Policy


In connection with both items above, the Minutes of the meeting of the Teachers’ Joint Consultative Committee held on 29 September 1998 may also be obtained from Committee Services.


(2)        The attention of Members is drawn to the Officer Report at Agenda Item 11 (a) relating to the Review of Housing Allocations Policy.

Additional documents:


Questions - Standing Order 11

1.         Questions To Chairman of Strategy and Policy Committee from Councillor McCormack


1.         Since the statement on balances at the Finance and Property Committee in September this year, could the Chairman of Strategy and Policy Committee confirm whether additional factors justify a reassessment of the anticipated general balance at 31 March 1999?


2.         Can the Chairman of Strategy and Policy Committee confirm the total number of managed vacant posts and the consequential level of savings to the Council?



2.         Questions to the Chairman of Planning and Transportation Committee from Councillor Jones


Development in the Green Belt


1.         Since 1 May 1997, how many applications for new developments and extensions in the green belt have come before the Planning Control Sub Committee?


2.         Of those, how many have been recommended for approval and how many for refusal?


3.         How many recommended for refusal by officers have been approved by the Committee?  How many recommended for approval by officers have been refused by the Committee?



3.         Questions to the Chairman of the Education Committee from Councillor Wheaton


Rhos-y-Gwaliau Outdoor Education Centre


1.         What is the latest position with regard to the Council’s financial support for the Centre after 31 December 1998?


2.         Have any discussions taken place with the other unitary authorities in Berkshire on longer term support for the Centre?  If so, have any conclusions been reached?


To receive reports from Members of the Council

Windsor Theatre Fund


Report by Cllr Finnie enclosed


To receive reports from Officers of the Council pdf icon PDF 114 KB

(a)        Review of Housing Allocations Policy

Report of Director of Social Services and Housing and Director of Corporate Services enclosed.


(b)        Representation on Outside Bodies

            Report of Director of Corporate Services enclosed


(c)        Calculation of Council Tax Base 1999/2000

            Report of Director of Corporate Services enclosed

Additional documents:

Minutes - 18 November 1998 pdf icon PDF 391 KB