Agenda and minutes

Executive - Tuesday, 16 February 2010 5.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Fourth Floor, Easthampstead House, Bracknell. View directions

Contact: Jemma Durkan  01344 352209

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Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal or prejudicial interests, and the nature of that interest, in respect of any matter to be considered at this meeting.


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 148 KB

To consider and approve the minutes of the meeting of the Executive held on 19 January 2010.



RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Executive on 19 January 2010 together with the accompanying decision records be confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Leader.


Executive Decisions


The Executive considered the reports submitted on the items listed below and the decisions taken are recorded in the decision sheets attached to these minutes and summarised below:



Medium Term Objectives - Overview & Scrutiny Response pdf icon PDF 59 KB

To advise the Executive of Overview & Scrutiny's response to the Medium Term Objectives.

Additional documents:


RESOLVED that the Council’s Key Objectives be approved as set out at Appendix 2 of the report.


Capital Programme 2010/11 - 2012/13 pdf icon PDF 89 KB

To approve the Council's Capital Programme.

Additional documents:




1          General Fund capital funding of £8.069m for 2010/11, in respect of those schemes listed in Annexes A – E of the report, be recommended to Council.


2          In addition to the capital funding of £8.069m for 2010/11, the release of £1.28m in respect of new affordable housing resulting from the LSVT in 2008 be recommended to Council.


3          The inclusion of an additional budget of £1m for ‘Invest To Save’ schemes, based on the underlying principles set out in the Capital Strategy approved by the Executive on 15 December 2009 be recommended to Council


4          Those schemes that attract external grant funding are included within the 2010/11 capital programme at the level of funding received be recommended to Council.


5          The release of £3.1m from s106 monies to fund capital projects outlined in paragraph 5.10 be recommended to Council.


6          That capital schemes that require external funding can only proceed once the Council is certain of receiving the grant, be agreed.


7          The indicative programme for 2011/12 and 2012/13 in the light of resources available and spending priorities in December 2010 be reviewed.


Revenue Budget 2010/11 pdf icon PDF 156 KB

To approve the Revenue Budget 2010/11.

Additional documents:


RESOLVED that, in recommending to Council a budget and Council Tax level for 2010/11:


1          No changes to the budget proposals are required as a result of the budget consultation (section 7.1 of the report) be agreed.


2          The provision for inflation of minus £0.068m (section 7.2 of the report) be agreed;


3          The changes to the budget proposals as set out in Annexe A and Annexe D and in section 7.3 of the report be agreed;


4          The Council should fund the Schools budgets at the level set out in section 8.1 of the report subject to any amendments made by the Executive Member for Education be agreed;


5          Includes a general contingency of £1.000m, use of which to be authorised by the Executive Member for Finance, Resources and Assets and Chief Executive (section 9.5);


6          Subject to the above recommendations confirms the draft budget proposals, including changes to incorporate current information in section 7.3 (Annexe D);


7          The total expenditure before allowance for loss of interest from any use of balances of £74.581m, as shown in Table 6 (section 10) be agreed;


8          The contribution to be made from revenue balances to support revenue expenditure of £0.557m be agreed;


9          The Council’s total requirement for the Collection Fund, excluding Parish Council precepts, be set as £74.030m;


10        The Council Tax for the Council’s services for each Valuation Band be set as follows:



Tax Level

Relative to

Band D





























11        The Council approves the following indicators, limits, strategies and policies included in Annexe E be recommended:


·         The Prudential Indicators and Limits for 2010/11 to 2012/13 contained within Annexe E(i);

·         The Minimum Revenue Provision (MRP) Policy contained within Annexe E(ii);

·         The Treasury Management Strategy Statement, and the Treasury Prudential Indicators contained in Annexe E(iii);

·         The Authorised Limit Prudential Indicator in Annexe E(iii);

·         The Investment Strategy 2010/11 to 2012/13 and Treasury Management Limits on Activity contained in Annexe E(iv);

·         The revised Treasury Policy Statement contained in Annexe E (v). This revision nominates the Governance and Audit Committee to be responsible for examining and assessing the effectiveness of the Treasury management Strategy and Policies;


12        The Council approve the payment of £1.162m for the surrender of the lease of Enid Wood House as set out in section 11.3.3;


13        The virements relating to the 2009/10 budget as set out in section 15 be approved.


CAA Action Plans pdf icon PDF 64 KB

To agree the Area and Organisation Action Plans arising from the Comprehensive Area Assessment.

Additional documents:




1          The Comprehensive Area Assessment actions included in the body of the report and Use of Resources – Response to Audit Recommendations (Appendix 1) be approved..


2          The Governance and Audit Committee are invited to receive the Use of Resources response to audit recommendations.


Local Area Agreement Refresh pdf icon PDF 64 KB

To agree the refresh of the Local Area Agreement.

Additional documents:




1          The updated targets for inclusion in the refreshed Local Area Agreement for submission to GOSE on 12 March 2010 be agreed;


2          Delegated authority be given to the Chief Executive (in consultation with the Leader and Bracknell Forest Partnership board members) to finalise the agreement of any outstanding targets for the Local Area Agreement refresh, be agreed.


Site Allocations Development Plan Document pdf icon PDF 81 KB

To approve a draft version of the Site Allocations Development Plan Document for consultation.

Additional documents:




1          The proposed consultation approach and the accompanying consultation document be endorsed.


2          Minor changes to the consultation document be agreed with the Executive member for Planning and Transport and Economic Development in consultation with the Chief Officer Planning and Transport.


North Bracknell Bus Contracts pdf icon PDF 80 KB

Additional documents:




1          A contract for operation of buses as follows, as specified in the invitation to tender, be awarded to the company submitting the lowest tender:


                        BFC 46 : Bracknell – Binfield

                        BFC 47 : Bracknell – Bullbrook

                        BFC 48 : Bracknell – Ascot

                        BFC 49 : Bracknell – Wokingham

                        BFC 50 : Bracknell – Winkfield

                        BFC 51 : Bracknell – Wexham Park Hospital

                        BFC 52 : Bracknell – Bullbrook / Binfield / Warfield (early evening)

                        BFC 53 : Bracknell – The Parks

                        BFC 54 : Bracknell – Warfield


2          The combined bid for operation of the above services as a single contract from the contractor identified in the confidential annexe (available to members of The Executive only) be accepted.

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