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Capital Programme 2021/22

Meeting: 09/02/2021 - Executive (Item 133)

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To recommend to Council the annual budget.

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That the Executive recommends to Council:


      i.        General Fund capital funding of £12.221m for 2021/22 in respect of those

schemes listed in Annexes A – D of the Chief Executive/Director: Resources’ report.


     ii.        That they approve the inclusion of £5.363 of expenditure to be externally funded (including £1.524m of S106 funding) as outlined in paragraph 5.21 of the Chief Executive/Director: Resources’ report.


    iii.        That those schemes that attract external grant funding are included within

the Capital Programme at the level of funding received.


   iv.        Agrees that capital schemes that require external funding can only proceed once the Council is certain of receiving the grant


     v.        The inclusion of an additional budget of £1m for Invest to Save schemes.