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Revenue Budget 2021/22

Meeting: 15/12/2020 - Executive (Item 114)

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To approve the Council's budget proposals for consultation

Additional documents:


RESOLVED that the Executive:


1          Agree the draft budget proposals for 2021/22 as the basis for consultation with the Overview & Scrutiny Commission and other interested parties or individuals.


2          Agree the Treasury Management Strategy and associated documents at Annexe E of the Borough Treasurer’s report and request that the Governance and Audit Committee review each of the key elements.


3          Note that the Capital Strategy published in 2019 remains relevant and does not require updating at this time.


4          Agree that the 2021/22 Schools Budget be set at the eventual level of the

Dedicated School Grant income plus any accumulated DSG balances and

additional Council funding of £0.253m (paragraph 8.18 of the Borough Treasurer’s report).


5          Authorise the Executive Member for Children, Young People and Learning to agree the allocation of the sums available for schools funding as set out in

Resolution 4 (above) having regard to the decisions and recommendations of

the Schools Forum and to agree detailed budgets for services centrally

managed by the Council.


6          Agrees that the Council Tax Base be set at 47,624 (Band D equivalents) for

2021/22 as outlined in Annexe H of the Borough Treasurer’s report.


7          Approve the virements relating to the 2020/21 budget as set out in Annexes F and G of the Borough Treasurer’s report and recommends those that are over £0.100m for approval by Council.