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Heathlands Redevelopment

Meeting: 11/02/2020 - Executive (Item 49)

49 Heathlands Redevelopment

For the Executive to approve the main works contract for the redevelopment of Heathlands care home in line with the procurement plan and to note the partnership arrangements that consider and allocate risk and reward appropriately between the various parties in line with the draft Heads of Terms.

Additional documents:




       i.          the appointment of Stepnell Ltd. is confirmed to undertake enabling works, which include site set up, demolition, utility investigation and surveys.


      ii.          the appointment of Stepnell Ltd is confirmed to undertake the construction of a new facility at Heathlands subject to the scheme achieving planning permission, following a value for money assessment which is set out in confidential Annex A of the Director: Finance’s report;


     iii.          the use of the ground floor of the new Heathlands facility is endorsed to be used for the first 24 months of operation (subject to 6 monthly reviews) for short-term support for individuals, notably those who are elderly and infirm with some mental health issues including a dementia diagnosis, who would otherwise be placed in an Acute setting (as described in paragraphs 5.23 to 5.27 in the Director: Finance’s report);


    iv.          the Borough Solicitor be authorised to enter into discussions with Frimley Health Foundation Trust to establish a joint venture in the form of a private limited company to operate the facility and to enter into the relevant contractual documentation to give effect to its governance arrangements, reflecting the Heads of Terms previously agreed by the Executive in September 2019 and the legal advice attached as Annex C Director: Finance’s report.