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Mayor's Announcements

Meeting: 22/05/2019 - Council (Item 6)

Mayor's Announcements


Mayor’s Charity 2019-20


The Mayor announced that her chosen charity would be Sandhurst Day Centre, situated in the Memorial Park grounds of Sandhurst. This is a facility for older residents to enjoy conversation, activities and socialising which attracts residents from all parts of the borough and its surrounds. Further details on the work of the Centre would be presented at a future meeting.


Mayor’s Chaplain 2019-20

The Mayor also announced that her Chaplain would be Father Guy.



The Mayor asked members present to join her in congratulating Councillor Suki Hayes and Jon Lapham on their forthcoming nuptials on 4 June 2019.


Welcome to new Councillors

The Mayor welcomed all newly elected Councillors to the Council Chamber.